White America’s Glaring Double Standard Upheld in Fears of ‘Black Identity Extremists’

White nationalists are currently running amok in America and apparently are able to fire guns blindly into a crowd ON CAMERA and still avoid prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Nazi thugs in uniform are allowed to provide protection for their buddies at rallies while hiding their name tags like in the case of the Virginia State Troopers.  […]


Lying Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Rehired as Police Academy Instructor

Miller was allowed to resign in June 2016 and despite her story unraveling, she was rehired by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy which provides training for Iowa’s police officers headed by her old boss, Judy Bradshaw. Miller recently left the academy on September 29th and no further information has been provided as to her current employment.  […]

Police Misconduct

Virginia State Troopers Felony Actions at White Nationalist Rally Exposed; Swept Under the Rug by Brass

A Henrico County spokesman said that their officers are required to wear their name on their uniform and that only the chief of police can authorize any alteration.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, it was unknown whether state police superintendent, Col. Steven Flaherty authorized the alteration for the rally.  […]

Race Relations

Freedom of Speech Violated When School Board Member Forced to Resign After Calling Black Colleagues “Darkies”

School board trustee, Glenn Odom, is being forced to resign after using a derogatory name to reference his Black colleagues on the board. According to the Florence Morning News, Odom, now a former Florence School District […]


Veteran Florida Cop Fired After Inviting Woman He Arrested Home for “Conversation”

The incident brings to light Britt’s questionable past with patterns of deviant behavior. In the past, Britt had been served a seven-day unpaid suspension for viewing pornographic material on his department computer while off-duty. Britt, when assigned to judicial operations, also received a three-day suspension after flexing his pectoral muscles to entertain a jury during a trial. […]