Police Misconduct

West Virginia Cop Fired After 18 Months of Paid Vacation

Sgt. Timothy Jarrell has finally been released by the Nitro Police Dept after spending the last 18 months on paid vacation. Jarrell was on paid administrative leave stemming from a battery case where he is […]


South Cali Police Slammed in New Report Alleging Patterns of Civil Rights Violations

In the ACLU’s report countless instances were pointed out of officers abusing their authority and instances where both agencies perpetuated a culture of excessive force “evidenced by reports of KCSO deputies rewarding one another with ‘baby seal’ prizes for ‘best clubbing,’ and others who have slapped ‘We’ll kick your ass’ decals on patrol cars or — in the case of K-9 units – ‘We’ll bite your ass’ decals,” according to Bakersfield.com. […]

Police Misconduct

Maryland Cop Stole $1,500 from Incapacitated Driver & Lied About it; Man is Now Suing After Video Proved Theft

Annapolis police “improperly seized” $1,500 from Kenneth Cherry-Bey, 41, on December 24, 2016 after being found slumped over in his vehicle. Police initially denied any wrongdoing until released body cam footage proved Cherry-Bey’s claims. Now […]

Police Misconduct

Texas Cop ‘Flipped Off’ Car Full of Teens After Killing Jordan Edwards

Just a few short weeks before Oliver killed Jordan Edwards, Oliver was involved in another situation while acting in his capacity as a “peace officer”. Oliver allegedly pulled a gun on a woman and her friend after a minor car accident in Dallas. The woman’s 13-year-old sister was also in the car at the time. […]

Police Misconduct

City Attorney in Florida in Fear for His Life in Attempts to Dismantle Blue Code of Silence; Claims Possible Assassination by ‘Bad Apple’ Cops

The Blue Code of Silence or Blue Shield is being threatened by one Florida city attorney looking to dismantle and prosecute the rare bad apples that infiltrate an otherwise incorruptible profession. The latest threat to […]

Race Relations

Black Air Force Cadet Admits to ‘Crying Wolf’; Incident at Academy a Hoax

That doesn’t excuse the actions of the cadets in Colorado or the K-State college student. There are enough real incidents occurring worthy of attention and address and your pulling of the race card only muddies and devalues what is really going down. Get out of the way and let real revolution come to pass.  […]

Race Relations

Kansas State University Student’s Attempt to Spark Racial Tensions on Campus Backfires; Confesses to Fake Hate Crime

One member of the university’s Black Student Union called the incident “intolerable” and told the Kansas City Star that Black students were becoming increasingly frustrated with the racial apathy displayed by their White counterparts.  […]

Police Misconduct

Loveland Police Sgt. Avoids Arrest Warrant for Failure to Appear on Excessive Force Case

The case has called into question Chase’s actions while assisting another officer with loading Jarrett into a patrol vehicle.

In a motions hearing in September, Sgt. Brandon Johnson testified that Chase delivered a blow to Jarrett after he had already been secured by a seat belt in the patrol vehicle and was in handcuffs and leg restraints. Prior to that, while Jarrett was reportedly resisting being secured in the police car, Chase struck him in the left shoulder with a closed fist two to three times, which is a department approved technique, Johnson said. […]