Ron DeSantis Quits Moderating Racist Facebook Group Amid Monkey Comment Scandal

Ron DeSantis Quits as Admin for Racist Facebook Group Amid Monkey Comment Scandal

Coming off the heels of his “monkey” comment, Ron DeSantis has quit moderating the Tea Party Facebook group. It was recently discovered that the GOP nominee for Florida governor was an administrator of a Facebook […]


Indiana City Councilman Jeff Miller Charged w/ Child Molestation; Resigns from Office

Indiana City Councilman Jeff Miller was arrested Friday after being charged with child molestation. Miller is facing three counts of felony child molestation according to court records. The charges against the councilman come after police […]


Trump & Co. Continue Coddling White Terrorists While Immigrants Face Intense Scrutiny

In response to the latest mass shooting committed by a White American, Donald Trump said that it was a “mental health problem at the highest level”. Trump went so far as to call Kelley “deranged” without providing any insight as to how he knew the mental state of suspect. Donald Trump however declined to chalk up the latest mass shooting by a White male to terrorism.  […]


Congress Refuses to Enact Gun Law Giving the Mandate to ATF

Five days after Stephen Paddock opened fire at a concert in Las Vegas, the National Rifle Association agreed on a tighter regulation for bump stocks, but chances of this happening are quickly diminishing into thin air as no legislation on gun control has gained momentum in Congress in years. The pro-gun movement gave the approval on gun control in the form of additional regulations in the shock of many Americans. […]