Police Misconduct

Sexual Deviance Standard Protocol for American Police

We’re in the final trimester of 2017 and looking back it appears that being a sexual deviant is a prerequisite for being a cop in America.  […]


Veteran Florida Cop Fired After Inviting Woman He Arrested Home for “Conversation”

The incident brings to light Britt’s questionable past with patterns of deviant behavior. In the past, Britt had been served a seven-day unpaid suspension for viewing pornographic material on his department computer while off-duty. Britt, when assigned to judicial operations, also received a three-day suspension after flexing his pectoral muscles to entertain a jury during a trial. […]


Fabled ‘Traffic Ticket Quota’ Back in the Spotlight As Florida Cops Accuse Hialeah PD of Predatory Practices

Hialeah police officers are sounding the alarm as pressure mounts from police brass to write more tickets. The story isn’t new. It’s been heard before. Precincts around the country have been regularly accused, mostly by […]