Trump & Co. Continue Coddling White Terrorists While Immigrants Face Intense Scrutiny

In response to the latest mass shooting committed by a White American, Donald Trump said that it was a “mental health problem at the highest level”. Trump went so far as to call Kelley “deranged” without providing any insight as to how he knew the mental state of suspect. Donald Trump however declined to chalk up the latest mass shooting by a White male to terrorism.  […]


Temporary Protected Status for Haitians & Central Americans Dropped by Trump Administration

According to news reports, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Elaine Duke, Dept of Homeland Safety (DHS) Secretary, that the TPS program, which provided protections for migrants fleeing destruction from natural disasters in their countries, was no longer needed.  […]


POTUS Ok’s Concentration Camps for Illegal Immigrants Waiting to be Deported

And because Trump intends to round people up and order mass deportations, he would have to put these people in a place to wait until they get deported. That means a prison population boom, not to mention the separation of families, which is exactly what happens in concentration camps. […]