2 “Good Cops” Suspended 10 Days w/out Pay for Exposing Police Chief

State Police asked to review anonymous complaint against Warsaw Police Chief

Two Warsaw police officers suspended after lying about bootlegged video

WARSAW, Ind – Even bad cops are capable of good deeds at times. Not to say these two are bad cops but since every other demographic is painted with a broad brush…. well you know the rest. What you may not know is that a certain police chief was caught in a confrontation with a civilian while he was off-duty and displayed behavior unbecoming of the uniform. That suspect behavior was captured on cell phone video by a police officer as evidence to exposing the chief. The chief did not receive so much as a slap on the wrist while the two cops who possessed the evidence were suspended without pay for 10 days.

Police Chief Scott Whitaker

Multiple news outlets report the Warsaw Police Department suspended two of their officers for releasing a video exposing Police Chief Scott Whitaker. Officers Ross Minear and Jason Dobbs are now on 10 day unpaid suspension for making bootleg copies of the video and lying about it.

The City of Warsaw released a statement saying:

“On January 25, Chief of Police Scott Whitaker was traveling in his personal car and was off duty. He encountered what appeared to be an impaired driver. He phoned Central Dispatch immediately and requested on-duty response. After the vehicle stopped, Chief Whitaker initiated an investigation, patrol arrived, and the incident was managed to closure.

There were no complaints reported or filed from the incident.

On February 7, Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer was made aware of anonymous allegations regarding the incident. Less than 24 hours later, the City notified Indiana State Police (ISP) to review all materials pertinent to the incident. Historically, whenever there is a question regarding the Chief of Police, ISP is notified to review the information and then conduct an investigation, if warranted.

At this time, no details of the incident will be released pending review by the Indiana State Police.”

As it turned out, body cam video of the incident showed Whitaker cursing at the elderly man’s wife. The man he accused of drinking and driving wasn’t drinking and wasn’t even behind the wheel of a vehicle. The chief ultimately received no punishment. Not even a slap on the wrist. The chief did eventually offer up an apology but the damage was done.

In spite of the video evidence, Deputy Chief Bryan Sherwin moved to suspend the officers who disseminated the video while offering no punishment for the chief. The members of the Board of Public Works agreed with Sherwin. He also claimed that both officers broke protocol in making copies of the video and skirting the chain of command.

But they were whistleblowers!

The whistle was blown in vain in Warsaw as the chief continued on without so much as a paid vacation while the two officers suffer through the suspension and the mark on their record. Furthermore, they are forever marked and destined to face retribution at the hands of the chief.