Key Guyger Details Removed from Botham Jean Incident Report

Dallas County DA-elect Creuzot says Amber Guyger should be charged with murder in Botham Jean shooting

Key Guyger Details Removed from Botham Jean Incident Report
Dallas DA-elect on Amber Guyger: Murder 'most appropriate' charge in Botham Jean case

When the newly elected Dallas County District Attorney said that Amber Guyger should be charged with murder for the death of Botham Jean the masses were elated. Some even speculate that the new DA, former judge and prosecutor John Creuzot, beat the incumbent District Attorney Faith Johnson because of his key stance on the Guyger/Jean case. Creuzot said in September that the manslaughter charge for Guyger was a “deviation from the norm.” According to the new DA, the district attorney is not bound to follow the charge police bring on a case and can downgrade or upgrade charges.

Key Guyger Details Removed from Botham Jean Incident Report
Creuzot beat out Faith Johnson for Dallas County District Attorney, which means now he will inherit the case involving Dallas Officer, Amber Guyger.

Sticking to his word, a Dallas grand jury returned an indictment to charge former police officer Amber Guyger with murder. It would seem that the innocent black man would finally get justice. that is until reported a recently released incident report of the killing was heavily redacted. The first four sentences of the report were legible while the remaining details were blacked out. Outside of the offense being listed as manslaughter, the majority of the other key details were blacked out, including if Guyger was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Per the media outlet, “The Texas Attorney General’s office concluded releasing the information at issue would interfere with the prosecution of a crime.”

The hesitation to reveal such information could lead credence to the prevailing thought that the city was doing its best to protect Amber Guyger. Had she been under the influence of one thing or another, keeping the public in the dark could allow for the prosecution and the defense to conjure together a manipulative tale to garner sympathy towards the officer. Or her intoxication could simply not come out in court at all.

But there are two sides to every coin. The prosecution could just as easily not want the defense to know that they know for a fact Guyger was under the influence.

Whatever the play, the public loses out on the truth of Guyger’s state… at least until trial. Details that are normally included and uncensored in incident reports were blacked out adding more mystery to a case that has gripped the Dallas community.

Will justice prevail? Only time will tell.