Cop Involved in Hit-and-Run Punched by Witness, Captured on Surveillance Video

Surveillance video shows off-duty officer fleeing from crash get punched by witness.

Surveillance video shows off-duty officer fleeing from crash get punched by witness.

Racine, WA – A witness who saw an off-duty cop attempting to flee the scene of an accident punched the cop to restrain him. The “assault on the police officer” was caught on a surveillance camera across the street at the Mexican restaurant. The Racine Police Department (RPD) identified the off-duty cop as Sgt. Samuel Stulo, a 16-year-veteran of the department. Police say the sergeant may have been under the influence at the time of the crash.

George Gayton showing the aftermath of the hit-and-run involving Racine Police Dept and New York.

The witness was walking out of a rental property his mother owned on State Street when the incident happened.

On Dec 17, Sgt. Stulo rear-ended a parked car at State and Lawn. The 63-year-old victim’s nephew, George Gayton, witnessed the crash. Gayton states that he was “literally 10 feet away from the car” and “getting ready to get inside the car” when the accident happened. Stulo was driving an SUV.

“She is severely hurt,” Gayton said. “She’s got a broken rib, lacerations around her neck and her back.”

The witness ran over to the vehicle to check on the victim when Stulo backed up his SUV and took off down the road. The vehicle didn’t make it far breaking down a few hundred yards away. Neighbors came to the scene and helped his aunt

“I ran down the truck and I told him to put his hands up and that he wasn’t going anywhere,” Gayton said. “He caused a hit-and-run and he was trying to get out the car and run again and I told him that he couldn’t go anywhere.”

In the video obtained from the Mexican restaurant, Gayton is seen doing more than just talking with possibly drunk driver. Gayton is caught on camera throwing a punch at the officer to restrain him.

Stulo apparently on leave following investigation into hit and run accident .

“Thank God police were on scene immediately,” Gayton said.

The Journal Times reports “Racine police and firefighters were dispatched to the 1900 block of State Street” around 7:55 pm. At 8:30 pm, a sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene to assist the RPD. He immediately noticed the smell of booze on Stulo’s breath.

In the incident report, Stulo admitted to having a few beers prior to his driving. He had “a few beers with waters in between beers”. Stulo displayed signs of intoxication after being given field sobriety tests. He declined a blood draw opting for his attorney instead. Stulo said the accident happened because he was looking down at his phone, not because of his drinking. Investigators eventually got a blood draw from Stulo nearly two hours after he was arrested. Authorities obtained a search warrant and collected the sample at 10:42 p.m.

Gayton said his aunt’s car was totaled in the crash.

To avoid a possible conflict of interest, the Racine County District Attorney’s office is asking the Kenosha County D.A. to handle the criminal case.