“Troubling Conduct” in 2017 Arrest Leads to DeLand Cop’s Termination

DeLand police officer fired after investigation of 'troubling' conduct in 2017 arrest

"Troubling Conduct" in 2017 Arrest Leads to DeLand Cop's Termination
A DeLand police officer was fired Monday after an investigation by Internal Affairs determined that he falsely detained Allan Kidd during a Sept. arrest.

Authorities are saying that the “troubling conduct” of a DeLand cop during a 2017 arrest has led to his termination after investigation. Initially, as is usually the case, the officer’s statement was good enough for the brass before a full-length video was produced contradicting the cop. That video was the officer’s own body camera which investigators alleged malfunctioned. Because of this malfunction all they had was the cop’s word and the arrested.

"Troubling Conduct" in 2017 Arrest Leads to DeLand Cop's Termination
DeLand police officer Johan Mulero fired after investigation of ‘troubling’ conduct in 2017 arrest

32-year-old Johan Mulero, hired in February 2013, arrested Allan Kidd on Sept. 14, 2017. Mulero was responding to a call about a man on Orange and New York avenues, who was allegedly yelling at people and cars. During the call Mulero allegedly was retraining another officer who was deemed “too timid” when dealing with the public. The DeLand cop gave his colleague a crash course on abusing and infringing upon the rights of citizens.

The officer, 32-year-old Johan Mulero, “engaged in conduct unbecoming of a police officer [and] made an unlawful arrest” that led to a lawsuit against the city, according to a statement by DeLand police Chief Jason Umberger, who said the department did not become aware of the conduct until 10 months afterward.

Mulero “used unnecessary and/or excessive force to [make] an arrest that lacked any probable cause and therefore any legal basis,” Umberger said.

“He (Mulero) failed to apply the numerous trainings he has received in the areas of de-escalation techniques and verbal judo, thereby escalating a situation which otherwise may have been resolved without a physical confrontation,” Umberger said.

The city has since acknowledged that the arrest was not warranted and the actions of the officer were uncalled for. Allan Kidd sued the city and the police department. During the suit, it was Kidd and his attorney that brought the “malfunctioning” body camera footage to light forcing the hand of the DeLand Police Department (DPD). The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) reviewed the footage and found no criminal charges were warranted against Mulero. They did state that the officer’s actions were questionable.

“The subsequent internal affairs investigation found that Mulero engaged in conduct unbecoming of a police officer,” Umberger said. “Further, his conduct violated our departmental code of conduct, our mission statement and our core values.”

Body camera shows Mulero pushing the man and telling him to sit down.

“Lower your voice or you’re going to jail!” Mulero is heard yelling in the video.

The man then asked Mulero if he’s “on a power trip.”

“There are times when our actions do not come anywhere near achieving the standards of excellence that we have set for our officers at the DeLand Police Department. Unfortunately, this is one of those times,” Umberger said.