Colorado Cop Gets 90 Days’ Jail for Raping Handcuffed Woman He Took Home from Hospital


Colorado Cop Gets 90 Days' Jail for Raping Handcuffed Woman He Took Home from Hospital
Curtis Lee Arganbright, a former police officer from Westminster, Colorado, was convicted after he forced a woman to have sex with him while she was handcuffed.

WESTMINSTER, CO – This is why we kneel! Well, I don’t kneel but this is a prime example of why so many do. A Colorado cop received only a 90-day-sentence followed by four years’ probation after admitting he raped a handcuffed woman he was transporting home from the hospital. The victim reportedly was left with PTSD.

On August 24, 2017, the 36-year-old victim checked herself into St. Anthony North Health Campus Hospital for alcoholism. She soon became uncooperative and police were called after hospital staff accused her of attempting to steal items from the emergency room.

The Colorado cop, Curtis Lee Arganbright, responded to the call but the hospital agreed not to press charges if the officer took the woman home. He agreed and loaded the woman into his vehicle. The 41-year-old Westminster police officer stopped his patrol car along the way and ordered the woman out. He walked her around the front of the cop car and forced the woman to have sex with him while still in handcuffs. He then made her perform oral sex before placing her back in the car.

“During the drive to Broomfield, Arganbright pulled off of West 144th Avenue near Zuni Street to a dark area and forced the woman to engage in sex acts,” the DA’s office said in a statement.

On the drive home, Arganbright warned the woman not to tell anyone about what happened. He handed her his business card telling her to “call me sometime,” the affidavit said about the incident.

The woman returned to the hospital the next day and ratted out the cop. She said she was sexually assaulted by Arganbright. Officers from Broomfield Police were called to the hospital to bring a rape kit. Arganbright was arrested and, while he was suspended without pay, resigned from Westminster Police Department.

“Chief Deputy District Attorney Trevor Moritzky told the court that as a Westminster police officer, Arganbright was entrusted with protecting those most vulnerable in the community and that Arganbright abused that trust. He said Arganbright continued to blame the victim,” the DA’s office statement reads, adding that Arganbright chose the victim because she was vulnerable.

As part of his sentence Arganbright must also register as a sex offender and enter a treatment program, The Denver Post reported.

“The victim in the case was physically unable to be present for the sentencing hearing but her mother told the judge that her daughter was brutally raped and suffers extreme PTSD because of Arganbright’s actions,” stated a release from the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson decried the Colorado cop’s actions as “devastating” and said it impacted the morale of the rest of the department.

“The alleged conduct described in this arrest sickens my soul,” Carlson said. “That it describes the conduct of an on-duty officer in my department has left me numb. The impact on the victim in this case is something I can’t begin to imagine.”

The victim’s mother says her daughter was brutally raped by a Colorado cop and because of this is the PTSD that has gripped her daughter.