Judge Crashes into Police After Killing Shaker Heights Teacher

Police investigating death of Shaker Heights school teacher involving former judge.

Shaker Heights
Cuyahoga County Judge Lance Mason indicted on multiple felony charges.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason was removed from the bench in August 2014 after being charged with felonious assault, kidnapping, child endangering and domestic violence after a public altercation with his wife. That altercation left his wife with serious injuries. His wife suffered a fractured orbital bone and other injuries according to authorities. His wife, a Shaker Heights teacher, separated from her husband-judge in March of 2014. She later filed for divorce after the attack where Mason punched, bit, and choked his wife while driving on Van Aken Boulevard in Shaker Heights with their children in the backseat.

Shaker Heights
Lance Mason fired from City of Cleveland after allegedly killing ex-wife in Shaker Heights.

Fast forward four years and the former judge is now suspected in the death of his former wife, Aisha Fraser Mason. A judge ordered that Mason have no contact with his wife or children during the case in 2014 but things apparently cooled leading to Fraser’s death.

Initial reports state that Shaker Heights Police were responding to a 911 call on Chagrin Boulevard Saturday morning. Police were investigating a domestic violence call involving former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason.

Police found that the judge’s ex-wife, Aisha Fraser, was deceased. Preliminary investigation pointed to Mason being the suspect in her slaying. Police took Mason into custody after he crashed into a police officer trying to flee the scene.

The Shaker Heights Teachers’ Association released the following statement on their Facebook page, expressing their condolences. It reads in part:

“We are deeply saddened to tell you of the death of 6th grade Woodbury teacher Aisha Fraser.

Please know the the Executive Board will do ALL that we can for Aisha’s children, her extended family, students and her colleagues.

We are in deep mourning. Aisha exemplified the best of Shaker Heights Teachers; smart, amazingly caring of her students and her colleagues, active in her profession and in Our Association. She is loved by many…”

Shaker Heights
Aisha Fraser (Mason)

Both Mason and the officer involved in the crash were taken to University Hospitals. The officer is being treated for non-life threatening injuries to his ribs and legs.

Surprisingly, despite being removed from the bench amid the felony charges, Mason still found employment with the city as their Minority Business Development Administrator. That abruptly ended following revelations he killed Fraser Saturday.

Mayor Frank Jackson issued the following statement regarding the termination:

The City of Cleveland is aware of the arrest of Lance Mason, Minority Business Development Administrator, on felony charges in the city of Shaker Heights, Ohio.

“I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Ms. Aisha Fraser, especially to her children,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson.

Mr. Mason has been terminated effective immediately.

The City of Cleveland will cooperate fully with the City of Shaker Heights in this investigation.

Mason was hired by the city in 2017 after pleading guilty to attempted assault and domestic violence in connection with the attack on his then estranged wife in 2014.