Prince George’s County Cop Arrested for Raping Undocumented Woman During Traffic Stop

Police Officer Accused Of Raping Undocumented Woman During Traffic Stop, Arrested.

Prince George's Officer Ryan Macklin Arrested on Rape Charges

A Prince George’s County cop has been arrested Monday for raping an undocumented woman while conducting a traffic stop. The six-year-veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department (PGCPD), Ryan Macklin, was taken into custody Monday evening, according to a news release from the department. He has been suspended without pay and charged with first degree rape, second degree rape, perverted practice, second degree assault and fourth degree sex offense.

county cop
Chief Hank Stawinski

Chief Hank Stawinski announced Monday night that the county cop was relieved of his weapons, police vehicle and credentials.

According to reports, the undocumented woman was pulled over by Macklin around 1 a.m. EDT Thursday on University Boulevard in Langley Park. During the traffic stop, Macklin forced the woman “to perform a sexual act” while they were both in the woman’s car in a nearby parking lot. Police said Macklin was on duty, in uniform and driving a marked police cruiser at the time.

Detectives released surveillance footage of the county cop initiating the stop. In the footage Macklin is seen activating his emergency equipment on his police vehicle in order to initiate the traffic stop where the alleged assault occurred. The chief claims the footage was released to allay any concerns that the woman was targeted because of her immigration status. Stawinski said there was no way for Macklin to know her status before pulling her over.

The chief told Fox 5: “[The police] vehicle had pulled adjacent to the victim in this, then backed off, pulled in behind the victim and activated the emergency equipment. Again, this is one of a few videos that we have taken custody of in the last 72 hours. There are additional videos that I will not be releasing at this point. It’s premature to release additional videos, but I am offering this to the community as assurance that the officer involved in this could not have known the victim’s immigration status. In fact, could not have known anything about this victim prior to engaging with her.”

“The investigation has led me to believe, based on the victim’s statement, witness statements, the totality of the circumstances, that he saw this individual and chose to target her simply because she was a woman driving at a late hour in Prince George’s County. There is nothing that leads us to conclude there was anything further,” he said,

Based upon Macklin’s behavior, police suspect there may be other victims out there and are urging them to come forward. The department may go before a grand jury as early as Thursday, Stawinski said.

“The charges against this officer are highly troubling,” Stawinski said. “Officers take an oath to protect others, not to abuse their authority in order to victimize someone. Those who live and work in Prince George’s County deserve the very best from the men and women of this department.”

“Within hours of the woman coming forward and telling us the events of what she says occurred to her, our officer was suspended. He is no longer a police officer. He can’t act as a police officer. His police powers have been suspended,” he added

The woman came forward “several hours” after the incident with the encouragement of friends. Stawinski praised the woman for her courage to speak out about the dirty cop.

“She came forward with the encouragement of some of her friends. We can’t address these issues of any kind, whether its police misconduct, whether its criminal conduct, whether its gangs, whatever the case may be. We can’t address those things without the cooperation of the community,” he said.

The county cop is assigned to the Bureau of Patrol, police said. According to the department’s website, he was honored as Patrol Officer of the Month at least two times in 2014, in March and September.