Retired Deputy Confesses to Killing Man to Hide Sex Abuse Allegations

"The worst kept secret in Perry;" Former deputy killed man to hide sex abuse allegations

Retired Deputy Confesses to Killing Man to Hide Sex Abuse Allegations
'Yup, shot him in the head': N.Y. ex-deputy's 'double life' led to slaying, prosecutors allege.

Community members are calling it “the worst kept secret in Perry”. A retired deputy with the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office confessed to killing a Perry man to hide the shame of his own sexual abuse. The former deputy, Joseph Mylniec, will now spend 15 years to life in prison in the man’s murder.

Retired Deputy Confesses to Killing Man to Hide Sex Abuse Allegations
Investigators: Victim in Perry murder case was shot 4 times.

Mylneic was well known and reportedly well respected in the community. All the respect didn’t keep rumors of his extra curricular activities from bubbling to the surface. There were whispers that the retired deputy would lure troubled men “to his Perry farmhouse where he would groom them to perform sexual favors in exchange for money or food.” For years the rumors of the sexual relationships persisted but the respect for the retired deputy prevailed.

“I just don’t think anyone had an idea what was underneath these relationships,” said the Wyoming County District Attorney.

Mylneic was commonly referred to as “the Collector”. He would lure the young men with promises of care in exchange for sexual favors.

D.A. Donald G. O’Geen said, “Everyone finding out that he was gay, or bisexual weighed very heavily on him and ran deep into his private life.”

The man Mylneic killed was 32-year old Robert Irvine III on March 7. Investigators say Mlyniec shot Irvine four times in the driveway of his home on Route 246 in the town of Perry. He shot Irvine “for the purpose of obstructing, delaying, preventing or impeding the communication” of information relating to allegations of sexual abuse. Irvine was a witness in a sexual assault case against Mylniec, and was going to come forward to police.

“Robby told Mylniec to turn himself in, or put a bullet through his head- commit suicide,” said D.A. O’Green.

Instead, Mylniec, living in fear of going to prison and going public, turned a gun on Irvine and shot him four times. After the shooting he called police and admitted to the crime.

The retired deputy is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 14th.