Woman Beater Knowingly Hired by Police Dept; Fire Him over Another Domestic Violence Arrest

Schenectady County sheriff's deputy fired after being charged with assault

woman beater
Vincent Stone (inset); the Schenectady County Sheriff's Office and jail (Background)PHOTOGRAPHER: ROTTERDAM POLICE (INSET); GAZETTE FILE PHOTO (BACKGROUND)

ROTTERDAM, NY – The Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office hired a woman beater and sheriff’s deputy Vincent Stone in March knowing his propensity for domestic violence. 38-year-old Stone resigned from the Rotterdam Police Dept in the wake of a 2014 domestic-related assault arrest in Schenectady. It was on his record… but because he resigned before being fired, Stone was still considered hirable. That did not stop Sheriff Dominic Dagostino from hiring Stone as a transfer.

woman beater
Vincent Stone

Less than 7 months following his hiring, Stone has now been fired by the department. The woman beater was terminated after being arrested by his former Rotterdam comrades late Sunday for third-degree assault. Police responded to a 911 call at the Steeple Way home. Following an investigation, the deputies determined that the woman beater was up to his old tricks. He reportedly assaulted his girlfriend at the residence. The Daily Gazette reports the woman “suffered a ‘swollen, bruised and bloody nose,’ according to police allegations filed in court.”

Dagostino fired Stone after learning of the arrest later Monday morning. Since Stone was hired as a transfer, the sheriff had the ability to terminate him without a union challenge.

“We make it real clear that either you live up to our expectations or you don’t stay here very long,” Dagostino said Tuesday.

Stone was arrested in 2014 after fighting with cops responding to a domestic disturbance. At the center of the disturbance was Stone. The case was sealed but Stone ended up resigning six months after the arrest from the Rotterdam Police Department. At the time he had been an officer with the department for eight years.

woman beater
Rotterdam police Officer Vincent Stone was arrested early Thursday after he allegedly had a fight with a woman in a Schenectady apartment and then fought with city police officers who tried to quell the dispute.

According to reports, the second-generation Rotterdam cop “assumed a boxer’s stance and then fought with cops responding to a domestic disturbance call.” He was being investigated by his department and the town attorney in relation to the incident. Stone faced a felony assault charge and the offenses of menacing, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest, all misdemeanors. The criminal complaint alleges:

At 5:30 a.m. Friday Stone temporarily prevented responding officers from entering an apartment at 843 Union St. on the city’s North Side when he “used his body to barricade the door.”

Once they got in, Stone is accused of “taking an aggressive boxer’s stance with a clenched fist,” refusing to comply with police commands and becoming “physically combative” with the officers until he was “physically pulled” to the ground.

Even then, Stone continued to resist being handcuffed and struggled with the officers, the court papers state.

A Rotterdam cop suffered a back injury during the incident and was transported to Ellis Hospital on Nott Street for treatment.

During his time with the sheriff’s office, Dagostino said there were no incidents or pending investigations regarding Stone’s on-duty conduct.