2 of Philly’s Not-So-Finest Arrested After False Imprisonment of Innocent Man

2 Philly cops arrested, charged with illegally detaining man

false imprisonment

The city of brotherly love had to arrest two “brothers” in what appears to be an attempted shakedown of a man Wednesday. The two Philly cops were arrested and charged with false imprisonment of an unidentified man in April in the city’s East Mount Airy section.

The two bad apples, Officers Matthew Walsh and Marvin Jones from the 14th District, were suspended for 30 days without pay with the “intent to dismiss” by Commissioner Richard Ross.

According to a statement by the department, the two cops stopped the man just after 10am April 17th in the 100 block of East Sharpnack Street. An internal investigation revealed that the officers did not have justification for stopping the man. The department stated there was no reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the stop.

The cops illegally searched the man violating his right of protection from illegal search and seizure. After searching him and his vehicle, the officers handcuffed the man and placed him in the patrol car for 15 minutes. They reportedly than drove the man about a block before releasing him.

Surveillance footage shows that the officers falsified the arrest documents they submitted for the encounter. No immediate explanation was given as to why the officers stopped the man in the first place or what prompted the internal investigation.

One can expect that a possible shakedown was taking place. It is quite possible that these goons with a badge were hired to shakedown someone’s competition. Now these thug cops are off the streets and relieved of duty.

They were charged with obstructing administration of law, false imprisonment, tampering of records, and official oppression. The obstructing of administration of law is a felony while the remaining charges are misdemeanors. The District Attorney’s Office approved the charges for the Philly cops on Monday.