El Paso Cop Cracks His 4-Month-Old’s Ribs; Blames it on His 2-Year-Old

El Paso Cop Cracks His 4-Month-Old's Ribs; Blames it on His 2-Year-Old
28-year-old El Paso Police Officer Carlos Ricardo Mendez.

An El Paso cop is under arrest for cracking his infant son’s ribs according to a new arrest affidavit. The warrant states that the psycho cop, 28-year-old Carlos Ricardo Mendez, blamed the injuries on his 2-year-old son after the infant was treated for abdominal injuries. He told authorities he caught his toddler sitting on the infant and that was the cause of the injuries.

Police officers are generally afforded the benefit of the doubt. That didn’t change in this case… that is until a radiologist who examined the infant concluded that the injuries sustained did not come from being sit on by the toddler. The injuries sustained by the baby were “consistent with abuse,” the radiologist told police. The infant sustained cracked ribs, a torn liver, injuries to his stomach and other injuries consistent with heavy blows and squeezing. The internal bleeding alone would have killed the infant had it remained untreated reported the El Paso Times. The tear on the liver caused a buildup of blood in the victim’s belly, the affidavit states.

The radiologist added that the injuries to the belly were caused by a punch or kick in the abdomen by an adult, the rib fractures were caused by grabbing or squeezing the baby, and the liver tear was due to a “traumatic blow” to the abdomen.

“The child had so much blood in his stomach the child would have died from the injuries if the child would have not been taken to the hospital,” said the radiologist.

Mendez was charged with injury to a child on Sept. 14 after El Paso Police Department officers responded to a report of an injured child at about 3:30 p.m. the previous day at University Medical Center of El Paso. He was released the same day after posting $50,000 bond. The five-year-veteran of the department was relieved of his duties following the arrest.

The El Paso cop has refused to talk with detectives about the abuse despite being pressed for an interview by police.