Critics Call for ‘Booty Poppin’ Virginia Prosecutor to Resign After Music Video Ft Her Kids

A Virginia prosecutor created a 'booty poppin' rap video with her young kids. Now critics want her to step down.

virigina prosecutor
Stephanie Morales

At first glance, the headline invoked a myriad of negative emotions and thoughts. There is a certain connotation tied to reports of “booty popping” and “booty crack” that only bring about negative imagery of debauchery when kids are involved. But to be honest, the actual video posted by Stephanie Morales, a Virginia prosecutor, is a far cry from the commonplace twerk videos of today’s social media generation… even though the phrase ‘booty popping’ is used more than 30 times throughout the song.

virginia prosecutor
Stephanie Morales rapping a verse on ‘Sundress Season”

The Portsmouth, Va., commonwealth attorney appeared in the uploaded video along with her husband, son, and two young daughters. She shared the rap video on her Facebook page documenting the ‘summer family fun’ they had. The elected Virginia prosecutor explained that her 14-year-old son is an aspiring producer. He recently lost a bet to his father, Luis her husband, and as a result, had to give his father a beat he created. The beat was originally meant for the trash can but Morales had a different idea. Instead, she compiled all the summer photos and videos and grabbed the family to record the track, Sundress Season.

Luis Morales wrote on Youtube, “The things we do for our kids.” According to the post, their son “needed an opportunity to produce and engineer a song to its completion.”

“He has done several since and they have gotten progressively better,” added Luis Morales.

Although certains terms used in the video are not exactly “rated E for Everyone” the video itself does not feature any booty popping or booty cracks. The children are not seen twerking or popping their booty or in various states of undress like common rap videos. Even the prosecutor’s cameo is, at worst, rated PG-13. At worst!

But that hasn’t stopped social media warriors and couch critics from throwing shots at #BlackGirlMagic. One such critic, Barry Randall, told WTKR, ““[Morales] has every right to pop her booty in her home with her husband but to do that with a bunch of teenagers who look to her for mentoring, young boys and girls, and she is booty poppin’. That’s a problem.”

That statement alone says Randall, the People’s Pastor as he calls himself, has not seen the video. At least not before talking with the news outlet. If he had seen the video he would know that the Virginia prosecutor does not booty pop in the video.

But Randall doubled down when the spoke with 10 On Your Side. He told them, ““What women have to face on the workforce and sexual assault, I think it is a poor choice for our city’s top cop to exploit and display her body in that manner.”

Morales fired back at her critics saying, ““To suggest that women are disrespecting themselves by having a positive body image as I do in that video, where I discuss my fitness goals, also talk about my intellect, on a track produced by my son, that person needs to do a little bit of soul searching.”

Randall also made claims that Morales has shirked her responsibilities citing recent deaths of juveniles in the community. “We had four people shot last Thursday, we had three males shot last Monday and we have cases that have yet to be brought to trial, but [Morales] is booty poppin’” he said.

Morales clapped back at her critics by telling WTKR:

“[The video] shows our ability to set aside time to enjoy family time and support our children at their level and also highlights the fact that we are normal people and we have a sense of humor. I hope voters always remember the importance of making time for family and also the importance of finding different ways to engage and support the ones we love the most.”

So… a Florida prosecutor is caught stealing from Publix and no one is publicly calling for her ousting, a black Virginia prosecutor shares a family project with her Facebook friends and constituents and a black pastor is offended and is calling for her to step down. The only thing wrong in the video is the gratuitous use of the terms “booty popping” and “booty crack”. Everything is mild in comparison and plains in the face of what is truly marketed to children. Yes the Virginia prosecutor could have chosen different words to use considering her supposed extensive vocabulary. She did not have to assume that in order to get on the level of her kids she needed to use those terms. Aside from that, she did nothing wrong.

The People’s Pastor is complaining about deaths in the community. He’s placing the blame at the feet of the prosecutor. Her job is to incarcerate. He, by profession and interest, should be against that. Randall should gather the community leaders and the leaders of these troubled youth himself and sit down and mediate a truce. Maybe he should focus on saving souls more than saving potential members for his congregation to pay him tithes.