Wrong Woman Arrested by Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office; Not a Case of Mistaken Identity

Allen Parish Sheriff's Office arrested the wrong woman, lawsuit says

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LAKE CHARLES, LA – Kayla Danielle Langley called the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2017 to assist her with the removal of someone who was in her home. Deputies Josh Manuel, Richard Wiseman, Blair Fontenot, and Brian Hargrove responded to the house call. During the course of the call, the deputies felt compelled to run a background check on Langley, the person who called police for help. Instead of helping her, the deputies arrested her alleging a warrant for battery populated in the background check. Langley contested the warrant and demanded to see it. Instead, deputies arrested her and took her in.

Langley has now filed a lawsuit against the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office, Richard “Rico” Wiseman, Josh Manuel, Blair Fontenot and Brian Hargrove. The lawsuit alleges that on the way to jail, Langley told the deputies repeatedly that they arrested the wrong person. The deputies continued to ignore her pleas and any evidence proving their error. At one point, Wiseman allegedly informed Fontenot of the possibility she was the wrong person but Fontenot instructed him to continue to hold her. Langley was detained for several hours before eventually being released. According to the complaint, the deputies knew their mistake but took her to jail anyway and held her until shift change. After shift change, Langley was released with no charges.

The lawsuit is also accusing the Allen Parish sheriff of failing to properly train the deputies on how to verify individuals on arrest warrants. Langley claims the deputies violated her constitutional rights to due process and unreasonable search and seizure.

The ordeal has left Langley in a state of depression. She is also suffering other mental health conditions that have arose from her detention and humiliation suffered at the hands of the authorities.

Langley seeks compensatory damages. She is represented by Robert Toale of Gretna.