Sergeant Pedo-Cop Arrested Soliciting Sex from Teenage Girl

California sergeant arrested after being found with a teenage girl.

Sergeant Pedo-Cop Arrested Soliciting Sex from Teenage Girl
Porterville Police Department Sergeant Wayne Martin was arrested by the Tulare County Sheriff's Office.

PORTERVILLE, CA – It’s the return of the pedo-cop as one predator sergeant is found trying to get some from a teenage girl. The girl he was preying on was a 17-year-old in the Police Explorers program. Porterville Police Officer Wayne Martin was arrested Sunday night after he was found with the teenager in his car.

Sergeant Pedo-Cop Arrested Soliciting Sex from Teenage Girl
Wayne Martin (Photo: Tulare County Sheriff’s Department)

Sheriff deputies were called to the area after reports of a suspicious vehicle. The residents were not familiar with the car and the movements from the vehicle aroused suspicion. Deputies went out to the area of Jaye Street and Baker Avenue in Porterville and conducted the vehicle check.

When the deputies approached the vehicle, the pedo-cop sergeant automatically knew something was wrong and appealed to ‘brothers-in-blue’ and introduced himself as a cop. 33-year-old Wayne Martin was off duty and the teenage girl was his “friend”. He was merely hanging out with the aspiring cop and giving her tips and advice on how to make it through the Explorers program. The program was being run by the Porterville Police Department, Martin’s department.

The sheriff’s deputies didn’t buy the story and arrested the pedo-cop sergeant on the spot.

Even within the “Blue” there is infighting.

Martin was arrested and charged with three counts of annoying or molesting a person under the age of 18. His bail was set at $150,000. All because the predator was sitting in a car with his prey. He was transferred to the Kings County Jail at the request of Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux. Boudreaux said it was a possibility that people Martin may have sent to jail could be in the Tulare County Jail and create a problem. For the officer’s safety, it would be best he was housed at Kings County.

Anyone with information should call Sgt. J. Kennedy with the Sheriff*s Investigations Unit at 559-802-9563.