City Cops Lose Excessive Force Lawsuit; Victim Awarded $70K

Waterbury police lose excessive force suit

excessive force

NEW HAVEN, CT – A New Haven jury has found Friday that city cops used excessive force on a Torrington man. That man was the object of Waterbury Police Department’s aggression and the jury agreed the department and the city is on the hook for nearly $70,000.

The jury reportedly deliberated for hours before rendering their verdict. They awarded Darnell Humphrey $68,000 against the Waterbury Police Department and Officer Renato Crea.

“While no amount of money will make up for the serious injuries my client suffered he is pleased the jury found that officers used excessive force against him,” Humphrey’s lawyer, said Noah Kores of Bridgeport.

According to CT Post, on July 10, 2013 Darnell Humphrey was leaving a bar on Frost Road in Waterbury. As he walked up to his car he noticed Officer Crea following him. He turned to address the cop. He asked Crea why he was being tailed. Crea asked Humphrey if he had any drugs in his car. Humphrey emphatically denied having drugs in the car.

Crea forced Humphrey to the curb and advised him to stay put. He then conducted a warrantless search of Humphrey’s vehicle. The illegal search turned up nothing. According to the lawsuit, after not finding any illegal substances, Crea approached Humphrey and punched him in the face unprovoked. Court documents indicate the punch caused substantial facial injuries. Humphrey had to undergo plastic surgery and eye surgery after the officer’s unprovoked attack.

Crea is still on the force and on patrol.