Investigators Seize Electronic Door Lock to Guyger’s Apartment

electronic door lock
Family of Botham Jean searches for answers after being shot in home in Dallas police officer shooting.

An anonymous source has revealed to The Lyrical Elitist that DA investigators in the Dallas shooting case have seized the electronic door lock to Amber Guyger’s apartment. It is believed that investigators are able to download the information from the door lock to confirm and verify time stamps of Guyger’s entry into her apartment. The information revealed can be vital to cracking the fabricated narration by law enforcement about Guyger’s movements the night she “mistakenly” went to Jean’s apartment and shot him down in cold blood.

When the news first broke, everyone wanted to know how did she get in to Jean’s apartment. The first excuse given was that Guyger used her key but the door wouldn’t unlock. Because she was sure that it was her apartment (we’ll go into the surroundings later) the fact her key wasn’t working confused her. It didn’t make a trained police officer of at least five years on the force pause. Instead, in typical cop fashion, it only frustrated her as she continued playing with the lock. Again, according to initial reports, Jean hearing the commotion at the door opened it and was shot by a startled Guyger.

electronic door lockThe story didn’t hold water so authorities amended and refined their narration of the events offering that the door was already unlocked. Guyger pushed her way into the dark apartment. When she noticed Jean’s silhouette across the room, she yelled out several commands before firing her gun twice.

Residents of the complex quickly debunked the claims by Dallas PD by posting videos of the hallway and the doors in the complex. By design, the doors at South Side Flats are made heavy to automatically close shut. Furthermore, the doors automatically lock upon closing. The door does not just stay open as is displayed by several videos posted to social media.

Authorities changed their story yet again to claim that the door was already open. Not just open though since the doors would close and lock, but “slightly ajar”. Notice the 3rd revision of how she entered the apartment. Let us not forget that she was not immediately interviewed while the details were still “fresh” in her mind. Rather she was allowed days to get her facts straight, and even with all that time, the holes in her story leads to revisions of her account of the events.

Since then, there have been claims of noise complaints with some partial confirmation that Guyger has complained about noise from her upstairs neighbor. If the information gleaned from the electronic door lock tell a different tale, her statement as well as information provided by Dallas PD and officials will be proven to have been fabricated.

The data from the electronic door lock has the potential to prove that Guyger did not go to Jean’s apartment by mistake. In fact, she went home FIRST. Upon hearing the burly bear moving about in his apartment, out of frustration from working a long shift, Guyger went upstairs to confront her neighbor.

Instead of inserting her key into Jean’s apartment door like she alleges, she more than likely banged on his door to complain about the noise. That would corroborate witness claims of hearing someone yelling “let me in! Open up!” Neighbors allege there was shouting but brushed it off as a domestic disturbance and did not investigate.

What happened between the door opening and Jean being shot remains in contention but it has been reported that his last words were, “Oh my god, why did you do this to me?”

dallasIf the data downloaded from the electronic door lock confirms that Guyger was in her own apartment shortly before the shooting, she is guilty of murder, not manslaughter. She did not mistakenly ignore a distinctive red rug in a well-lit hallway and accidentally stick her key fob in another man’s door. Things recovered from Jean’s apartment have no significance and only serve to demonize Jean, who unlike most black “suspects”, was afforded glowing praise and accolades before the slander.

Furthermore, Guyger can and should be charged with capital murder. Since Texas is a death penalty state, Jean’s family should push for the death penalty and all further slander of Jean’s character should cease.

A lot is riding on the data from the electronic door lock. Will the DA remain unbiased and tell the truth or will the cover up continue?

Stay tuned.