Jail Guards Beat Black Woman They Thought Was a Homeless Derelict

Missouri woman says guards beat her not once but twice at jail.

Jail Guards Beat Black Woman They Thought Was a Homeless Derelict
Tiandra Higgins says guards beat her at St. Clair County Jail.

There’s just something about a gun and a badge that give police officers an extra sense of entitlement. It’s as if, because they’re behind the shield, they have an extra level of self worth and purpose. It doesn’t help that bootlickers around the country are salivating off their every nut. Maybe that’s why jail guards in Missouri just assumed that an unassuming black woman with a medical episode was nothing more than a homeless derelict who they could abuse with no consequence. Perhaps they believed that no one listen to what they deemed a bum and believe her over the words of Johnny Law. Well, Tiandra Higgins refused to bow down to their tyranny.

According to Higgins, she was left battered and bruised by staff at the St. Clair County Jail, just to the east of St. Louis in Illinois. Apparently jail guards at the jail were really feeling themselves when they beat Higgins… not once, but TWICE.

“I thought I was going to die, I thought they was going to kill me,” Higgins told KMOV.

Jail Guards Beat Black Woman They Thought Was a Homeless Derelict
Tiandra Lashe Higgins

According to Higgins, she left a doctor’s office in Clayton and hopped on a MetroLink. Exhausted, she soon fell asleep and missed her stop. She ended up being awoken at the last stop of the route at Fairview Heights.

“I think because I feel asleep on a train they thought I was a homeless person,” said Higgins.

She reportedly suffers from hypertension and is also diabetic. She informed police of her medical condition and began to feel lightheaded. Somehow, things escalated and a MetroLink employee called police. The employee alleged that Higgins threw a cup of water at him for telling her to leave the station.

“I was thinking I need to get back on the train and get back to where I belong,” said Higgins.

St. Clair County deputies arrived on the scene and carted her off to jail.

“When I got to the station, I was telling them that my vision was blurred,” said Higgins.

Rather than confirm her medical status jail guards assaulted her twice after demanding that she strip.

“That’s when I turned around to get the officers off of me, and that’s when they started beating me, ripping my clothes off, punching me in my face, choking me, kicking me,” said Higgins.

Already in a vulnerable state, Higgins refused. The employees mistook her medical condition with not complying and began to beat her into compliance.

“I only defended myself as a human being would if somebody did that to them,” said Higgins.

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office said it would not comment on the case citing that it was under investigation by the same department locking her up and beating her. They did comment that Higgins was charged with two counts of assault on a correction officer. So while the local police decided to police themselves, Higgins was forced to relive the events of that fateful day over and over.

According to FOX 4, a spokesperson for MetroLink told KMOV it iw protocol for security guards to tell riders to get off the train at the Fairview Heights station because it’s the end of the line.