New York’s Finest Busted in Gambling & Prostitution Ring

7 members of NYPD busted in connection to prostitution, gambling ring: sources

7 NYPD Members Arrested in Connection to Queens Gambling, Prostitution Ring.

Bootlickers will have you thinking that cops are the victims of unwarranted criticisms. Regardless of any “mistakes” they make, cops should have the utmost respect and obedience because #BlueLivesMatter. What you don’t see is these same copsuckers chastising police when they deliberately and blatantly engage in the same acts they arrest people for. In fact, they brush it off as random isolated incidents by a few bad apples and turn a blind eye to everything. Recently, the NYPD even pleaded with the community for respect for their officers despite the lack of respect the officers show to members of the community. So it’s only fitting when the spotlight continues to shine on the New York’s finest as as they break the law. It’s only fair if no one is truly above the law.

Seven of the city’s finest protected crooks lost some of that protection Wednesday after being arrested in connection with a prostitution and gambling ring. According to PIX 11, the seven officers arrested are:

Carlos Cruz, 41, NYPD Sergeant – Enterprise Corruption
Louis Failla, 49, NYPD Sergeant – Official Misconduct
Cliff Nieves, 37, NYPD Sergeant – Promoting Prostitution
Steven Nieves, 32, NYPD Police Officer – Promoting Prostitution
Giancarlo Raspanti, 43, NYPD Police Officer – Receiving Reward for Official Misconduct and Official Misconduct
Giovanny Rojas-Acosta, 40, NYPD Detective – Enterprise Corruption
Rene Samaniego. 43, NYPD Detective – Enterprise Corruption

Carlos Cruz works in the detective squad in the 69th Precinct in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Louis Failla works evidence collection in southern Queens. Cliff Nieves is assigned to the Transit Bureau. Giovanny Rojas-Acosta works at the Central Investigations Division. Rene Samaniego is on the vice squad in southern Brooklyn. Giancarlo Raspant is at the 109th Precinct in Flushing, Queens and Steven Nieves is with the 84th Precinct in Brooklyn Heights.

Detectives Manuel Rodriguez and Rafael Vega were stripped of their guns and shields and placed on administrative duty for violations of police rules. The department did not elaborate howthe men ran afoul of department rules.

These officers reportedly have been under investigation since 2015. In the last 3 years, these officers have been allowed to prey upon the communities they were supposedly hired to protect and serve while an internal investigation dragged foot to reel these bad apples in.

“Today, those who swore an oath and then betrayed it have felt the consequences of that infidelity,” NYPD Commissioner James O’ Neill said. ” The people of this Department are rightly held to the highest standard, and should they fail to meet it, the penalty will be swift and severe. I thank Deputy Commissioner Joseph Reznick for the thorough investigation performed by the Internal Affairs Bureau, in partnership with the Queens District Attorney’s Office, in rooting out this illicit activity. His unit initiated this probe and in doing so, has sent a clear message: there is no place in the NYPD for criminal or unethical behavior.”

Objectively speaking, more than 40 other people were caught up in the net or being sought in connection with the investigation, which began in April 2015. The investigation began when an officer broke the Blue Code of Silence and ratted out his colleagues to Internal Affairs about the illegal activities. As for the arrested finest, they are being accused of running a protection racket for the gambling and prostitution ring in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. Residents are said to have complained about the presence of brothels operating out of local homes, spas and bars.

“Today, those who swore an oath and then betrayed it have felt the consequences of that infidelity,” the police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, said in a statement. “The people of this department are rightly held to the highest standard, and should they fail to meet it, the penalty will be swift and severe.”.

Two of the arrested officers are reported to have a history of misconduct with the department. Officer Giancarlo Raspanti was found guilty of departmental charges in 2014 of engaging in a “physical altercation” with a person known to the department “in the presence of their nine year old son.” He was suspended for 30 days.

Sergeant Louis Failla was found guilty of departmental charges in 2014 for failing to follow proper procedures during an undercover operation. He was also found guilty of failing to notify an NYPD captain regarding “the repair of damaged property resulting from the forced entry into wrong premises.” Failla was docked 15 vacation days.

The Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said formal charges will be announced on Thursday when New York’s finest are expected to be arraigned in state Supreme Court.