Eugene Police Officer Resigns After Revelations He Had Sex on Duty in Public

Officer with Eugene Police resigns amid alleged sexual misconduct investigation.

Eugene Police Officer Resigns After Revelations He Had Sex on Duty
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A city of Eugene police officer has left his well-paying job after revelations he has been having sex on duty. Not only has the unnamed officer engaged in this behavior on duty, he also has done it in public on at least one occasion. A civilian board is currently looking into the allegations after a scorned lover reported that the unnamed officer committed these acts and others.

Eugene Police Officer Resigns After Revelations He Had Sex on Duty
Allegations of misconduct report.

The woman contacted the office alleging that she had a sexual relationship with an officer. She told the man she would meet him at his home or in public while he was on duty to have sexual relations. It is also being reported the officer used his position in the department to get out of calls for duty to meet the woman. When calls would come in, he would divert routine patrol work or either ignore them to make his sexual rendezvous with the woman.

To add insult to injury, the woman accused the officer of engaging in a sexual relationship with another woman whom he was investigating for a domestic violence case.

The Eugene police officer is also charged with releasing confidential information to the woman without a legitimate criminal justice purpose. Spoiler alert… the officer

In total, the officer is being investigated for six different allegations of policy violations. The officer has since resigned from his position and the investigation is being labeled as complete. Because the officer resigned before the completion of the investigation has name is being kept hidden from public eye.

McLaughlin said because the officer resigned before the investigation was completed, full facts are not known.

Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner and spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin, have declined to comment on the matter. McLaughlin did comment that it happened before Chief Skinner was sworn in and called it a personnel matter.