SWAT Team Sergeant Arrested, Charged w/ Luring 15-Year-Old Girl for Sex

Howell Officer, SWAT Team Leader Accused Of Luring: Police Chief

SWAT Team Sergeant Arrested, Charged w/ Luring 15-Year-Old Girl for Sex
The sergeant, who has been on the Howell force for 21 years, is accused of trying to meet a 15-year-old girl in Toms River.

Here we go again. Another seasoned cop busted giving in to their “worst inclinations”. These are a different breed of cops. Pedo-cops. They purportedly enforce the laws while targeting vulnerable kids. You heard of #pizzagate… well consider this pedo-cop epidemic, #pedogate. The worst thing is, the longer these predators are on the force, the more brazen they become. For example, a 21-year-veteran of the Howell Police Department (HPD) and SWAT team leader is accused of trying to meet a 15-year-old girl in Toms River.

The 47-year-old stone faced golem has been arrested on a charge of trying to lure a minor, Howell Police Chief Andrew J. Kudrick Jr. confirmed Friday. Sergeant Richard C. Conte was arrested Thursday night as part of an undercover investigation said the police chief. Conte was reportedly off-duty at the time of the arrest. The predator sergeant was nabbed while expecting to meet up with the 15-year-old girl. According to NJ.com, Conte’s arrest was part of a larger sting that was targeting other people for doing the same thing.

Detectives are also looking to see if Conte acted inappropriately, or preyed on other minors, while he was on duty.

“This includes pulling cellphone and computer usage, DMV access, and GPS activity on his patrol vehicle,” Kudrick said. “As of this issuance, nothing has been revealed.”

“Prior to the arrest, I was made aware of the situation,” Kudrick said in a statement Friday. “It sickened me to learn one of my officers, a highly competent supervisor nonetheless and one that I have worked alongside with for many years on the SWAT team, not only defied my trust, but fellow officers as well. But most importantly, defied the public’s trust and expectations of a police officer. As such, I fully supported the investigation and provided input to ensure his apprehension.”

Conte has been on the force for 21 years. He first became an officer in 1991 and signed on with the HPD in 1997. The predator pedo-cop has been the commander of the Monmouth County Emergency Response or SWAT Team since 2009. In January 2017 he was promoted to sergeant. The commander has been suspended without pay confirmed Kudrick. Conte, who was a patrol sergeant on the midnight shift, received a salary of $140,000, NJ 101.5 reported.

The police chief released a statement apologizing to the community for the pedo-cop’s actions. In part the statement reads:

“I offer my sincere apology to the community that we value and respect so deeply. Our department’s reputation has been tarnished. I ask you not to judge us on the actions of one but rather on the outstanding service the remaining loyal officers provide with professionalism and pride every single day.”

Conte is scheduled to go before the judge on Wednesday. The state Attorney General’s Office intends to ask a judge to keep Conte locked up pending trial.