18th Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested in 2018; Charged w/ Assault

Previously suspended detention deputy arrested on family violence charge.

Deputy Aida Santos

With cops like the ones that make up the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), who needs criminals? The deputies run the gamut of crimes from DUI’s to assault and rape. We recently published an article about the incredulous rate at which the county’s deputies are being arrested. Yesterday they had six more arrests than all of 2017 with 17. Sunday morning that changed with the arrest of sheriff’s deputy Aida Santos.

Santos was arrested early Sunday morning on a family violence charge according to a BCSO spokesperson. According to the spokesperson, Sheriff will fire Santos.

“My practice is to handle each case as swiftly and severely as is allowable by law,” Salazar said in the emailed statement. “To maintain the integrity of this organization, we will continue to do so, and additionally, will be announcing more proactive steps on Monday morning.”

Santos, who was on part-time duty, will not receive any civil service protection or recourse to her immediate termination due to her part-time status. Santos initially was a full-time employee but just recently transitioned to a part-time status said the spokesperson.

Santos, a detention deputy, has run afoul of the department before. In April she was placed on suspension for interfering with the arrest of another BCSO deputy. According to KSAT, Santos was riding shotgun with Deputy Sabrina Moreno when it was stopped by a San Antonio police officer near Interstate 10 and UTSA Boulevard. The officer introduced himself to Moreno and waited on a reply.

“In an attempt to dissuade the questioning towards Moreno, you (Santos) interjected and stated the reason she was swerving was because you were ‘all over’ her,” suspension documents said.

The officer continued his attempt to question Moreno but Santos kept interjecting and interrupting him. Santos initially received a 10 day suspension but a December hearing reduced it to 5 days. Santos was one of five public safety officers suspended in April 2018.

In the most recent case, San Antonio police arrested the deputy on a charge of assault (bodily injury-family violence).