Pedo Ohio State Trooper Arrested Recording Naked Kids in His Home

Ohio trooper arrested after allegedly videotaping nude minors

Pedo Ohio State Trooper Arrested Recording Naked Kids in His Home
Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper accused of taking videos of nude minors.

Pedo cops are a real thing and it is NOT just a bunch of random incidents. Police departments around the country are not only infested with white supremacists, wife beaters, and rapists. Baby-lovers are part of the rank and file. Every other day there’s another report about a cop accused of conduct unbecoming of an officer but the vetting process has done nothing to weed them out. The latest, but certainly not the greatest, cop to have a thing for kids is Ohio State Trooper Tyler Anderson.

The 44-year-old state trooper was arrested Friday morning for videotaping naked kids at his home. His official charge was illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance. Initial reports do not indicate if the Ashland County trooper is related to the kids but the acts occurred in 2016. Prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing and expect formal charges to be filed as early as next week. The prosecution is also seeking out additional witnesses.

Special prosecutor, Chris Tunnell said, “Investigators are still in the process of gathering information and evidence and seeking out additional witnesses. This is a very unfortunate situation that happens to involve a local law enforcement officer. There has been no evidence found at this time to indicate any allegations that Anderson used his position to facilitate the alleged offense or that he was on duty at the time of the alleged offenses.

“I hope this does not erode the public trust in our local law enforcement community, he said. “Our Ashland County law enforcement officers are outstanding and dedicated public servants.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol released this statement following Anderson’s arrest:

The conduct of Mr. Anderson does not reflect the values of our agency. The Patrol has already begun termination proceedings.

According to News 5 Cleveland, the state trooper is being held in Huron County instead of Ashland County where he was arrested. Authorities claim the move was necessary because he worked within the area and arrested some of the inmates at the Ashland County jail.