Grocery Store in New Orleans Fires Security Guard for Stalking Black Customer

Security guard fired after he’s caught stalking a black shopper in a New Orleans grocery store

Grocery Store in New Orleans Fires Security Guard for Stalking Black Customer
Breaux Mart replaces security guard after shopper's claim of racial profiling.

He fit the description. Black male. Dark clothing. Suspicious movements. Branson Morgan was obviously looking for a five-finger discount at the Breaux Mart. At least that is the impression received by one security guard working at a New Orleans grocery store.

Morgan was shopping at the local grocer with some friends when he noticed the store security guard sticking to him like a shadow. Morgan said that the officer made him feel uncomfortable and began recording the incident.

“Three of us (two white, and me) were in one aisle looking at products (not causing a scene, being disruptive or causing any harm whatsoever) when this security guard comes up, stands about 3 ft from my friends and I and crosses his arms in a very confrontational, oppressive way,” Morgan wrote on Facebook.

As Morgan continued to make his way around the grocery store shopping he noted the security guard was never too far off.

“At this point, we felt very uncomfortable and it was obvious that he was profiling us, and wanted us to feel unwelcome,” Morgan wrote. “I then tell the man that we have money and are not doing anything wrong. We go a few aisles away to find our friend and tell him to return all of his items, and that we’re not spending money at a store like this.”

Upset with the interaction, Morgan told the store manager about the tail. The manager told the group the matter would be investigated.

Morgan and his friends left the store with the security guard still in tow. The rent-a-cop even snapped a picture of their vehicle’s tag like the good fake detective he is. The next day, the security guard was fired. On Facebook, the store manager posted:

“We are getting to the bottom of what happened. We’ve reached out to the man in the video privately, and we are looking forward to speaking with him. Breaux Mart has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we take this situation very seriously. We treat our employees, and customers equally, no matter what. In the meantime, the security guard on duty has been replaced while we investigate.”

The security guard has not been identified.