Scorned South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested for Burning Down Ex-Girlfriend’s House

South Carolina deputy charged with setting ex's house ablaze

Dylan Ellis (left) and the house he's accused of setting fire to.

Police do not handle rejection well. It comes as no surprise. They believe that their badge and gun automatically demands immediate compliance. When they cross paths with someone who is not intimidated by it, they go 0-100 real quick, real quick! Next time you’re pulled over or stopped by the cops, try telling them “No”. Watch their reaction. Well, rejection took an ugly turn for one cop who is accused of burning down his ex-girlfriend’s house.

Sheriff’s deputy Dylan Ellis

Sheriff’s deputy Dylan Ellis intentionally set fire to the woman’s house Aug 23 on Ridgeville Church Road according to Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright. In the home was a grandmother, mother and her 15 and 9-year-old. Everyone made it out safely because of smoke detectors and “the grace of God” said the sheriff. “The house was completely destroyed.”

Investigators quickly discovered it was an act of arson. When the evidence led back to Ellis the investigation over to the State Law Enforcement Division. Further review confirmed that Ellis set fire to the house. He was yanked off his shift at the Spartanburg County jail Thursday night and questioned. He was later charged with four counts of attempted murder and arson, Wright said.

Ellis confessed to detectives he started the fire. He did not say why he included her family in his vengeful act.

“Please don’t think I’m saying this is OK when I say this. I would almost understand if he damaged a car — if he spoke bad of her on Facebook — something of that nature that would make more sense. Burning a home down at 4’oclock in the morning with four people inside? That’s way out there,” Wright said at a news conference.

Ellis has been a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputy for just over a year. He was assigned to the county jail.

After learning that Ellis was a suspect, Chief Wright looked over his personnel file for any indicators. He claimed there was nothing in the file to indicate Elli’s reaction.

“A lot of times we catch things where we aren’t going to give a person a gun and a badge,” Wright said. “There was nothing that indicated this individual had the potential to do this.”

Ellis was booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center Friday morning on four counts of attempted murder and arson third degree. He is being held at the Cherokee County Detention Center after being denied bond.