Ferguson Cop’s Obsession of Former Roommate Leads to Stalking & Assault Charges

Ferguson police officer fired after being charged with stalking, assault

Ferguson police officer fired after being charged with stalking, assault .

Where is Darren Wilson when you need him? The pill of rejection is too big for one obsessed Ferguson cop to swallow. After being accustomed to having everything handed to him, this cop was denied his right to have whatever woman he wanted. Didn’t she see his badge and gun?! Now this officer’s obsession has led to an assault and stalking charge and an indefinite vacation… unpaid.

Ferguson police officer Jesse Kline was fired from the police department after being arrested by his blues brothers at the Maplewood PD. Kline reportedly followed a woman to her boyfriend’s house and held them at gunpoint. There is some confusion as to whether Kline had a relationship with the woman. Some news outlets report he was in a relationship with the woman. Outlets such as FOX report that the woman claims there never was a relationship between her and Kline.

Regardless of the relationship status one thing is clear, Kline had an unhealthy obsession with the woman.

Charging documents state that Kline followed the woman back in November 2017 according to KMOV4. A spokesperson for the Ferguson Police Department told FOX 2 NOW the incident occurred around 10 p.m. on August 30. All reports are consistent in that Kline hopped out the man’s backyard with a loaded handgun.

It has not been confirmed if the gun was his service weapon.

With the gun pointed at the couple, Kline ordered the man to the ground. The man refused and Kline struck him in the chest leaving behind a mark and some bleeding. Kline left the scene after shouting “vulgar names” at the woman.

The woman in the middle claims to be a former roommate of Kline’s. According to her, she thought Kline was a nice guy.

“We were not dating in any way. Whenever I moved in it was clear that it was strictly platonic and that I needed a place to stay.”

Ferguson police officer accused of stalking former girlfriend, threatening man with handgun.

Kline apparently grew tired of the arrangement hoping for some live-in scratch but the woman refused his advances. Kline refused to keep the platonic arrangement and the woman moved out.

“He kept saying how he loved me and how I should be with him and not this dirtbag,” she said.

According to the woman, it was her rejecting him that sent him over the edge.

“He popped from behind the bushes in the backyard and opened up the back gate and had the gun pointed directly at my boyfriend,” she said. “Whenever my boyfriend did not get on the ground … (Kline) hit him so hard on the chest that it left a mark and he was bleeding from that mark. It was terrifying. We’ve been hugging all day and we can’t believe we weren’t shot.”

Kline was taken into custody at 12:45 a.m. He’s facing charges of unlawful use of a weapon, assault, and stalking. He’s being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

The woman is thankful to be alive and believes that it could have happened to anyone.

“This is a thing that we see all the time we see officers that snap we see things that go wrong and everybody tries to give the benefit of the doubt,” she said. “I think officers should definitely be more accountable for their actions and for their mental state of mind.”

As soon as news reached Ferguson PD of Kline’s arrest, Police Chief Delrish Moss had him terminated. The chief released this statement:

“I am disappointed and disheartened that former Officer Jesse Kline was arrested by the Maplewood Police Department earlier today. Mr. Kline is accused of conduct that is unbecoming of a police officer, and as a result, he has been terminated.

“While Mr. Kline is entitled to the presumption of innocence, we take these allegations very seriously. I will not tolerate any conduct that discredits this organization. Any time a law enforcement officer is accused of tarnishing the badge, it is an embarrassment to all the honest, hard-working members of this great profession who work, day in and day out, to protect and serve with integrity.

“The allegations surrounding Mr. Kline are in no way a reflection of the hard-working men and women of the Ferguson Police Department.”

Obsession or not, Kline is an officer, or was an officer, of the law. Officers are held to a higher standard and as such, should be punished and disciplined at a higher level of punishment as well. His instability in the face of rejection should be enough to revoke or suspend his peace officer license as well as have assigned therapy. His cases should be reviewed and any closed investigations into claims of excessive force should be reopened and investigated. Officers like Kline are a cancer to the profession.