Georgia Deputy on Paid Leave After Secret Video Busts Him Blackmailing Woman He Arrested

Secret recording catches deputy in blackmail, request for sexual favors.

Georgia Deputy on Paid Leave After Secret Video Busts Him Blackmailing Woman He Arrested
WATCH: Woman Secretly Records Cop Try to Force Her to Give Him Sexual Favors to Drop Charges.

A Georgia deputy and full-time dog in heat is enjoying a much needed paid vacation while state and federal investigators look into allegations he blackmailed a woman he arrested. Luckily for the authorities, video proof was provided by the victim of this cop’s advances. In addition to blackmail, the deputy also attempted to solicit sexual favors from the woman.

Georgia Deputy on Paid Leave After Secret Video Busts Him Blackmailing Woman He Arrested
Ashlie Roberts was arrested for drunk driving and meth possession July 27.

Monroe County sheriff’s deputy Bill Miller arrested 34-year-old Ashlie Roberts for suspected drunk driving and possession of meth on July 27. She was able to post bond a few weeks later and released. After she got out, Roberts says she received a call from Miller asking to meet in a parking lot late at night Aug 14. She obliged and Miller picked her up in his Dodge Ram truck. Miller handed her a Coors Light and drove them to a dirt trail off Freeman Road. It was at that point Roberts felt that she needed to record the interaction.

“I didn’t think I had to record anything until I got to that dirt road,” she explained. “After I turned on that dirt road, that’s when I knew something was fishy.”

Fishy indeed. It was a good thing Roberts recorded the encounter. Had it been her word against the Georgia deputy, her word would have been quickly discredited just off her recent arrest. Miller, a 4-year veteran cop with nothing but praises to his name, would get off scot-free and retaliate.

The recording starts with a conversation about her pending charges according to FOX 5.

Deputy Miller: “I know how you can get rid of them.”

Ashlie Roberts: “How is that?”

Deputy Miller: “All I got to do is talk to the D.A.”

Ashlie Roberts: “Well, I know that’s how YOU can get rid of them. But me on the other hand…”

Deputy Miller: “That’s up to you.”

Georgia Deputy on Paid Leave After Secret Video Busts Him Blackmailing Woman He Arrested
Monroe County deputy Bill Miller asks woman for sex acts, GA sheriff says

“That should have made me think,” Roberts remembered. “Ain’t no police in their right mind gonna ask for information this time of night.”

The conversation then took a sinister turn. Blackmail.

Deputy Miller: “The whole reason I gave you that beer…”

Ashlie Roberts: “Uh-huh.”

Deputy Miller: “…is leverage.”

Ashlie Roberts: “Oh. What leverage would that be?”

Deputy Miller: “Well, I got another unit over there.”

Ashlie Roberts: “So what are you trying to do? You trying to blackmail me or something?”

Deputy Miller: “Yeah.”

Ashlie Roberts: “Oh, it ain’t gonna work.”

Deputy Miller: “It won’t?”

Ashlie Roberts: “No.”

Deputy Miller: “I’m just messing with you.”

Miller attempts to play it cool and nonchalant by switching up the topics after a few minutes… possibly a police interrogation tactic. The Georgia deputy presses Roberts about names of drug dealers and other low-level offenses before coming back to what he’s really after… Roberts’ milkshake.

Deputy Miller: “I really didn’t want to have sex with you. I was just #### with you.”

Ashlie Roberts: “I know.”

Deputy Miller: “I mean, I would cause you’re not a bad-looking girl. You just need to straighten your ass out.”

“I’m not that type of girl,” Roberts told FOX 5. “I’m a good girl. I just hang out with the wrong crowd.”

Miller eventually tells the woman she can toss the beer out of the window before leaving the dirt road. Fox reportedly found the beer along with a receipt tying the purchase back to the Georgia deputy.

The FOX 5 I-Team followed the path and searched the woods. Sure enough, we spotted a Coors Light can still in the paper bag with a receipt inside dated August 14. It also had the buyer’s debit card number. We used a stick to pull out the receipt. Later, we gave investigators directions so they could recover the can and any fingerprints that might still be on it.

Georgia Deputy on Paid Leave After Secret Video Busts Him Blackmailing Woman He Arrested
Secret recording catches deputy in blackmail, request for sexual favors.

A reporter from the news team confronted Miller about the encounter but he declined to speak. He entered his vehicle, denied any knowledge of the matter and drove off. Monroe County interim sheriff Al Shackleford was informed of the video recording and the accusations against Miller. After reviewing the material he called Miller back to the station to surrender his gun and badge. Shackleford also called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and the FBI to investigate.

“We are shocked and disappointed,” Shackleford insisted. “Law enforcement should be held to a higher standard.”

In regards to Roberts not bringing the recording to police in the first place, Shackleford had this to say.

“Evidently she didn’t trust us to investigate this,” Shackleford said. “When one of our own deputies does this to her, I can almost see why she wouldn’t trust the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.”

The sheriff said that Miller joined the department in April. Miller worked in the jail before starting road patrol in June. Before working at the sheriff’s office, Miller worked for the city of Forsyth, Forsyth County and Henry County sheriff’s offices.

Despite these events, a Fulton County judge has revoked Roberts’ probation and sent her back to jail citing the July DUI arrest.

“I did the crime. I’ll do the time,” she told us before she was taken back to jail. “Yes, I was pulled over for DUI and possession. Yes, I’ll take that charge. I’m not doing nothing to jeopardize myself.”

“We checked his background, talked to the folks up there. … Everybody has nothing but praises for him,” Shackleford said. “This is shocking to all of us.”

The sheriff does expect charges to be brought against Miller this week. His termination with the department is imminent.

“My job is to make sure he will never be able to go back into law enforcement,” Shackleford said.

We hope so!