St. Louis Blue Wall Rats Out Their Own; Gave Prisoners ‘Rough Ride’ During Transport; Demands Charges

St. Louis Blue Wall Rats Out Their Own; Gave Prisoners 'Rough Ride' During Transport; Demands Charges
Police arrested dozens of people on Tuesday, after they blocked part of Interstate 64.

It appears the structural integrity of the blue wall in St. Louis is suspect. A recent report reveals that a police group in St. Louis has ratted out one of their own and are demanding charges against that officer. Maybe that group consists of the fabled “good cops” or maybe not. What we do know is they allege an officer intentionally tried to injure prisoners by driving erratically while taking them to the station to be booked.

Perhaps they were trying to avoid a Freddie Grey incident.

The Ethical Society of Police tweeted Tuesday that the officer drove her patrol vehicle at a high rate of speed and than abruptly stopping. The organization represents primarily black officers. They allege she did this intentionally. She reportedly kept doing this to intimidate and hurt the prisoners she was transporting.

“It’s on video, and at least one person was injured. She needs to be charged with a crime and placed on forced leave now,” the group tweeted.

The tweet garnered 133 retweets and 292 likes. After publishing the tweet, the profile has received threats and hate mail for revealing police misconduct. Sgt. Heather Taylor, president of the organization, has not responded to requests for comment.

THe St. Louis Police Department could not comment on the matter either. The suspected officer’s attorney also chose not comment citing the pending investigation.

“Nothing has been brought to our office regarding (the officer),” Susan Ryan said.

The “bad apple” has not been identified but reports indicate the officer is a 16-year veteran known for her community outreach efforts. Despite the allegations brought forth by the blue wall the officer has not been charged.

Sources say the incident happened on Aug. 2 following the arrests of two young men in south St. Louis.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch:

The officer was transferred to administrative duty on Aug. 3 in the Communications Division, and an Internal Affairs investigation is underway, sources say. She is not allowed to work secondary duty or overtime.