State Senator Proposes Bill Criminalizing 911 Use on Innocent Black People

NY state senator wants to criminalize calling 911 on law-abiding black people.

State Senator Proposes Bill Criminalizing 911 Use on Innocent Black People
New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton

If you’ve been alive at any point this summer you would have noticed an abundance of stories of white people calling police on black people. From #BarbecueBecky to #PermitPatty and more, many of these stories have garnered cute alliteration and memes for the culprits and in most cases a win for the black people involved. Although in many of these cases the calls to police have backfired in the faces of caucasoids, a common suggested resolution has gained traction. That solution, criminalizing the use of 911 on black people simply pursuing life, liberty, and happiness LEGALLY. Social media pundits far and wide have proposed the idea but now someone with perceived clout has picked up the mic. The Hill is reporting that New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton is proposing legislation this week “to make it a hate crime to call 911 on law-abiding people of color.”

Before going into the obvious benefit of such a bill for the safety of black people, I must point out the senator’s motivation for NOW wanting to propose this bill. The average black citizen has had to face head on the #MAGA-minded bigots head on without a black face in a high place for a while. Sure the symbolism of a white savior has demonstrated itself in nearly every case but that only feeds the notion that black people must turn to non-blacks for resolution. This state senator has remained quiet, as far as the news is concerned, when these incidents went down. He offered no assistance. He didn’t propose any method of countering the bigotry.

State Senator Proposes Bill Criminalizing 911 Use on Innocent Black People
State Sen. Jesse Hamilton says woman called 911 on him for opposing Trump.

Recently though, Hamilton has been on the receiving end of the weaponizing of 911 against “law-abiding black people”. The state senator revealed that a woman called 911 on him simply because he opposed Donald Trump. The woman claimed that Hamilton was “dividing people” while campaigning on a street corner in Crown Heights. His tool of division was literature calling out the current president. According to Hamilton, he was handing out campaign palm cards with the slogan “Fighting back Trump” on Empire Boulevard and Flatbush Avenue Thursday morning when a woman became unnecessarily upset over his opposition to Trump.

“She said, ‘You should not stand here.’ She said, ‘You are dividing people,’” Hamilton told The Post.

A campaign staffer caught some of the interaction on video.

Did police show up? Yes they did. Police confirmed the irate white woman called complaining that Hamilton was against Trump’s immigration policy. The responding officers told the idiot woman that Hamilton isn’t breaking any laws. Hamilton compared the incident to that of numerous black people around the country subjected to the entitlement of the white establishment.

That being said, Hamilton has a personal vested interest in the bill he is proposing. It took him dealing with a situation he may have thought he was immune to before taking any action. Better late than never I suppose.

Continuing on. Hamilton not only wants to just criminalize calling police on innocent black people. He wants to make it a hate crime. The culprits would be prosecuted if they place racially motivated calls to police without evidence of malice, The Patch reported Wednesday.

“That’s gonna be a hate crime,” Hamilton said. “This pattern of calling the police on black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop.”

Currently New York has legislation in place prohibiting making false reports — especially if police respond to said 911 call with the expectation that the person is posing a serious threat. With this “enhancement” the punishment would be more severe and considered a hate crime.

“Waiting for your friends at a Starbucks is not a 911 call,” Hamilton told the news outlet. “It’s a call of intimidation.”

This bill has a small likelihood that it will pass but it will buy the state senator some brownie points with his black constituents. At least those that ignore his silence on the matter before it came knocking at his door. Should the bill pass however, New York will be the first state to criminalize calling 911 on innocent black people. There are already laws in place about the misuse of the emergency services number but those laws are enforced about as much as jaywalking… in some states. In other states, jaywalking can land you in the hospital… especially if you’re black.

Senator Hamilton if you happen to read this article, good luck with your bill. If it passes it will set a precedent that will have ripple effects throughout the rest of the country. I’m just disappointed that it took for you to personally deal with it before taking any action.