Jersey School Board Candidate calls for #BlackLivesMatter Monkeys to be Gunned Down

Jersey School Board Candidate calls for #BlackLivesMatter Monkeys to be Gunned Down
New Jersey school board candidate Rick Jankowski called BLM protesters and called for them to be gunned down.

Despite the assertion that ALL lives matter, INCLUDING black lives, one New Jersey school board candidate is in hot water over calling for #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators to be gunned down. Union carpenter, Rick Jankowski, was discovered by the New Jersey Globe and the Philly Voice to be a closet racist and overall hater of black people. Jankowski is currently running for a school board position in Monroe Township, Gloucester County, NJ.

It was discovered that the school board candidate made several racist Facebook rants between 2013 and 2016 in regards to BLM. Jankowski even called for shooting Black Lives Matter protesters and sending them “to their graves.” In 2015, the carpenter wrote on the popular social media site, “So now I watch videos of the ‘protesters’ throwing trash cans and any other items at any white person they see…….time to start firing bullets into these f*cking monkeys and send them to their graves.”

Raw Story reports:

In 2014, he wrote about the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, stating: “I’m sorry but I can’t stay quiet any longer… goddamn animals in Missouri make me sick! Another black criminal gets killed after assaulting a white cop and you pieces of shit want justice? You are not Americans, you are animals who disgust me. You wonder why there is racism in this country? Get a f*cking job and contribute you useless wastes of life instead of constantly committing crims [sic] and protesting when you get what you deserve.”

These posts were made on an older Facebook account belonging to Jankowski which has since been deleted. The school board candidate has since deleted his campaign page as well after breaking this story.

The Philly Voice reports:

The Globe reported that Jankowski did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon, but his personal Facebook account shows he shared a post from a page called ‘Power of Positivity’ around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Jankowski did not respond to requests for comments but his campaign page before being deleted described his candidacy as: “Not conflicted. Not backed by special interests. Your voice for progress.”

Ultimately his form of progress matches that of Donald Trump striving to “Make America Great Again”. No politician has been able to provide an adequate response to when has America been great to and for black people. You can find screenshots of Jankowski’s posts here.