Drunk NY Cop Mistakenly Kicks Black Tennessee Family’s Door Down & Snaps!

drunk ny cop
White NYPD cop breaks into black family's home thinking AirBNB and threatens son's life.

NASHVILLE, Tn – It was 2:30 in the morning and Conese Halliburton was in bed when she heard a loud commotion outside. Halliburton woke to an unknown white man kicking down her door and making racist threats against her family. It turns out that man was none other than Officer Michael Reynolds, of Manhattan North. He was vacationing in Nashville and apparently had way too much to drink. The drunk NY cop, caught on surveillance cameras, mistook the home for his Airbnb and blew a gasket when he was denied entry. The home he was renting was several doors down.

Drunk NY Cop Mistakenly Kicks Black Tennessee Family's Door Down & Snaps!
New York police officer, Michael Reynolds (right, in surveillance video), is under investigation after he allegedly broke into a Nashville home where he used a racial slur against a sleeping family last month.

Halliburton was in her bedroom asleep early when the family’s three dogs began barking inside the house that she shares with her four sons, ages 20, 17, 11, and 8. The 17-year-old noticed the man in the yard yelling. Reynolds then approached the door.

“You heard the big boom and that was my door getting kicked in. My sons were trying to stop him and he’s like, ‘this is my m*****f**king house, this is my house!’ He kept repeating it,” Halliburton told News 2.

Halliburton said the drunk NY cop refused to leave and at that point her oldest son stepped in.

“My oldest son said, ‘I will kill you if you don’t get out of my house,'” Halliburton told the station.

In the surveillance video, Reynolds is heard shouting “Try to shoot me, I’ll break every bone in your f**king neck. You f**king n***er.”

During the exchange the 40-year-old mother called police to report a trespasser.

“I’m screaming at the operator, ‘He’s in my house! He’s in my house,'” Conese Halliburton recalled of her frantic plea to 911 dispatchers to send help.

Reynolds left upon hearing that police were on the way.

Drunk NY Cop Mistakenly Kicks Black Tennessee Family's Door Down & Snaps!
The man reportedly apologized for breaking into her home during the confrontation (pictured). Reynolds was later identified as the officer under investigation over the incident.

By the time officers arrived on the scene, Reynolds was long gone. Halliburton confronted the drunkard the next day with a neighbor where he profusely apologized for his actions. The apology was also captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

Reynolds is described as a white male, with buzzed blond hair and blue eyes. He is currently under investigation with the Nashville Police Department (NPD). His status with the NYPD has not changed despite being identified under investigation by NPD. No charges have been filed against the drunk NY cop and the investigation is ongoing.

“If my sons would have fought him, he’s already properly trained to take down people,” Halliburton said, adding that the family was all in danger based on the suspect’s erratic behavior.