Black Queen Destruction Derby’s Baby Daddy’s Car After Dropping off Kids

Woman repeatedly rammed her car into another car that had children inside: police

Black Queen Destruction Derby's Baby Daddy's Car After Dropping off Kids
Tiasia Tyler Wright, 24, is accused of ramming her vehicle into another person's vehicle, with children inside, according to Pennbrook Borough Police

The queen Mother Africa is at it again showing just how much she adores her little blessings from God. At least that is what she claims. Oftentimes however, we find that the actions don’t line up with the walk. Just last week we heard about the Tampa woman who walked out into the river and allowed her daughter to drown (to put it mildly). The truest of selfless figures according to Jesse Williams. In this case everyone is still alive. The love of a mother for her child on the other hand, not so much.

What started off as a simple child custody exchange quickly became something more when 24-year-old Tiasia Tyler Wright decided to spaz out like your average hood rat. On July 22, this black queen was at a 7-Eleven convenience store in the 2800 block of Walnut Street dropping off her pack. The exchange rapidly deteriorated with this moody chick quickly getting hostile. Pennlive reports that Wright threatened her former black king.

The man finally piled the three kids into the car and proceeded to leave. Wright is accused of getting into her car and intentionally ramming into the baby daddy’s car  with the kids inside says Pennbrook Borough Police.

Wright was charged with recklessly endangering another person and multiple driving violations, police said.

Somehow she avoided an attempted homicide charge. A car is a deadly weapon when in the wrong hands… in particular a scorned black chick who give no f***** about anything but herself. She could have killed her kids. Next thing you know, she’d be on national television crying about her kids while telling everyone about her GoFundMe page. She would claim that the baby daddy was abusive and she snapped from the trauma. Instead, she’s in jail. The kids are with baby daddy. Yet another black family destroyed by the selfishness and ambivalence of mother nature.