Homeowner Uses Ashtray as Gun to Detain Georgia State Trooper

BRIEF: Georgia State Patrol trooper resigns after bizarre DUI arrest in man's yard

Homeowner Uses Ashtray as Gun to Detain Georgia State Trooper
Trooper accused of driving drunk arrested after bizarre incident with strangers.

SPALDING COUNTY, Ga – A homeowner in Georgia got the best of one of Georgia’s finest by pretending an ashtray was a gun. An ashtray! Various news reports ID the wayward lawman as Georgia State Patrol Corporal Christopher McEntyre. McEntyre was detained by the homeowner with the ashtray after stumbling into his yard. The officer ended up there after his personal truck got stuck on nearby train tracks near Searcy Avenue according to Spalding County Sheriff’s deputies. Officials say at the time, McEntyre was wearing only one shoe. The other shoe was discovered in the truck the trooper left behind.

Homeowner Uses Ashtray as Gun to Detain Georgia State Trooper
Spalding County deputies say a Georgia State Patrol corporal was driving drunk on train tracks when he got stuck and stumbled into a nearby yard.

The homeowner, Don Reeves, said that he and his wife were asleep at the time. They awoke to a commotion in the yard around 2 am. Reeves’ wife, Beth, went down to investigate and found McEntyre attempting to enter their cars.

“I heard her say, ‘What are you doing?'” Don Reeves said, “and by the time I got there, there was a guy trying to get into her car. I walked outside and there was an ashtray on the porch and I pointed it at him. I said get on the ground or I will shoot you. Stop moving. He thought I was some other guy. He thought he knew me well and I had never met the guy. He kept saying he was sorry.”

Don Reeves pretended the ashtray was a gun to force McEntyre to the ground until police arrived. Police arrested McEntyre and charged him with driving under the influence. The trooper later resigned and turned in his badge.

“The integrity of the badge we carry, and the public we represent expects a higher standard for us,” said Captain Dwayne Jones with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

According to WSB-TV, the Reeves no longer live in the home. They have since moved to North Carolina but not because of the incident. They had no idea the man who they encountered that morning was a trooper until much later.

“I felt sorry for him,” Don Reeves said. “If he has a severe problem or something and he’s been on the force, I would hope they would try and get him a little help also.”