Donald Trump to Quarantine ‘High Crime’ Black Neighborhoods Starting w/ Chicago

Donald Trump to Quarantine 'High Crime' Black Neighborhoods
President Donald Trump on Guns.

Chicago, or ‘Chiraq’ as it is so affectionately known by deplorable negros, suffered one of its most deadly and violent weekends this year. The shootings were so sporadic, news coverage had an epic time trying to keep up with the number of people injured and dead. At last count the Chicago Tribune reported that a total of 74 people were shot over the weekend. 12 of the people shot died from the shooting. It was reported as “one of the most violent weekends of the year in Chicago, spurred by a 7-hour period early Sunday morning when 41 people were shot.” It has reached such epidemic proportions that both Democrats and Republicans are calling for President Donald Trump to step in and send in the troops! Despite the past weekends’ uptick in gun violence, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the police superintendent refuse to step down at the citizens’ request, instead asking the residents to step up against these crimes.

Donald Trump to Quarantine 'High Crime' Black Neighborhoods
Demonstrators calling for an end to gun violence and the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Both the mayor and the police superintendent has touted statistics showing that murders and gun violence are down in the city. Regardless of that fact, this past bloody coup in Chicago has people up at arms ready for change. Residents are placing the blame at the feet of police, the superintendent, and the mayor. Valiant effort has been made on their part to curb the violence, which is proven by the stats, but the community feels that not enough is being done. Authorities advise that there is but so much they can do without trampling on peoples’ rights but it is seemingly not satisfactory for some. People are calling for tougher gun laws. That is ironic since Chicago boasts some of the toughest gun restrictions in the country. Others are calling for more ‘tough-on-crime police’ but then as soon as a black person is shot by police, they are rallying in the streets calling the system racist and more. Still others want the current leadership to step down but, as it has been proven before, the police leadership doesn’t change the ills of the ‘thugs’ terrorizing the black communities in the city.

Donald Trump to Quarantine 'High Crime' Black Neighborhoods
Chicago officials laud 15th consecutive month of declining gun violence. (CNN)
In the eyes of the community, the local leadership is inept and unwilling or unable to stem the gun violence. Some even understand that a new local leadership will have little to no effect in curbing the senseless violence. They are calling on the president, Donald Trump, to go ahead and send in the troops to lock things down. The citizens are so distraught, they are wanting to be placed under martial law. In their eyes, the only help they can receive will be from the government. That is the same government so many of them rail against as being racist and bigoted.

And it’s not just Chicago. Miami Gardens, Fl. is grappling with gun violence all their own. So is Baltimore, Md. And many other black communities around the country.

So out of all the communities in the United States, why is gun violence so prevalent in black communities and what can be done? Instead of focusing on the people that commit these actions, why is the burden of resolution placed on Donald Trump?

Many programs have been implemented in hopes of turning the tide on gun violence. Everything from mentorship programs to gun buybacks is being offered but these communities are still being held hostage. One thing they have in common is the burden they place on the local authorities to ‘keep the peace’. None seem to be conscious enough to address the real problem… not the leadership but the virus of “niggadom” that plagues these communities.

Donald Trump to Quarantine 'High Crime' Black Neighborhoods
Rapper Thugnificent tours Terra Belle with Sway in Boondocks episode.
In the case of Chicago, it has been reported that over 200 more officers are plugged to patrol this weekend. They are hoping that the heavier police presence will cause the shooters to think twice before firing off their gun. But it’s the hood. It’s Chicago. It’s black people. Why is it that fellow blacks are putting the onus of resolution on the leadership? It is their own that refuses to buy that #BlackLivesMatter. While everyone is pointing fingers at Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it’s black people out there doing all the shooting. It’s black people “murking” each other over spilled milk.

Quite frankly what needs to happen is simple. The federal government needs to treat areas of Chicago and other negro hoods like Terra Belle. For those that don’t know, Terra Belle is the hometown of Thugnificent, a rapper from the popular Boondocks series. In the episode, “The Story of Thugnificent”, Terra Belle is a city completely quarantined, cordoned off from the rest of the city. Police don’t even venture in. They leave the negros there to kill each other off. That is what is being recommended about places like Chicago, Baltimore, Miami Gardens, and more. If gentrification can’t curb the violence, than isolate the cancer to society and let it die off. Donald Trump can move forward and make that happen. Bring in the national guard. Create a barrier around these hoods and restrict traffic in and out. Build your wall around these niggas! If Donald Trump can do that then maybe that black pastor that praised him will have some credibility.