White People Are Addicted to Their 15 Minutes of Shame

Racist Woman Confronted For Trying To Call ICE On A Poor Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby

White People Are Addicted to Their 15 Minutes of Shame
Ice Coffee Cathy Calls Ice on Hispanic mother panhandling and breastfeeding baby.

It is becoming clear that the second most threatening thing to a person of color is a colorless woman with a cell phone. The first most threatening thing would be the police. Now this summer has been rife with news reports of the color-free using the law as their personal concierge to deal with the scourge of color. Attempts to dodge the barrage of these news articles prove futile so surely other white people have seen the outcomes. Still, that has done nothing to curb or stem the tide. Could it be that white folks are hiding under the same rock that has them continuing to deny the existence and persistence of racism? Are they so color-blind they can’t see the results of their actions? It would be naive to believe such a notion.

There have been reports all around the country of white people calling the cops to get their way with interactions involving other ethnicities. Many of these would-be tattlers have become memes gracing the web with their stupidity. Back at home, these meme-stars have been suffering vicious and at times relentless backlash for their trivial use of police. Many have lost their jobs or business opportunities. Some claim to have received death threats. Still others find themselves being stalked by anyone with a cell phone trying to get a “scoop”. Overall, the desired outcome remained fleeting for the summoners of the law. In most of the cases, the targets of this harassment have merely been questioned and allowed to continue about their business. Has this deterred the desire for white people to call police? It has not. In contrast, it has bolstered their resiliency. It has emboldened these folks under the Trump banner to continue to persecute with impunity.

#LawncutLibby called police on 12-year-old Reggie and his lawn service. #SubwaySally called police on a black family over weak bladders and stolen soda. #PermitPatty hid behind a stoop while calling police on a little girl selling water. And the list goes on.

On August 2nd, Maria J. Navarro posted a video on Facebook of #IceCoffeeCathy threatening to call ICE on a breastfeeding Hispanic woman. In her post Navarro wrote:

I cannot believe I just witnessed this shit in LA! Another racist woman about to call ICE on a poor mother trying to get money just to feed herself and her daughter. Shame on this woman! Who is she? Make this go viral! Find this racist piece of shit!!! #FuckIce! #FuckTrump!

“Here’s a white woman about to call ICE on this poor mother asking for money for her daughter—to feed her daughter,” the Navarro can be heard saying.

“She’s from Brazil, she’s not from here!” #IceCoffeeCathy says. “Why are you harassing me?” she asks Navarro.

“Because you’re harassing her!” Navarro shoots back.

“Well she’s not from my country!” the racist woman says.

“This isn’t your country! Go back to Europe, that’s where you’re from.” the camerawoman says before adding “You’re about to go viral, lady.”

Did Cathy not see the news reports and viral videos of the last dozen or so caucasoids that called police for nothing? Did she not see that it did not end well for the callers? Sure white people are masochist and sadists but can they be so impervious to the effects of shame to be addicted to it? In light of the continued threats of calls to police despite the potential blowback it is safe to believe that the colorless have an addiction to shame. One-upping a person of color is seemingly worth more than the quality of their current lives. White people need an intervention.