Lipscomb Police Chief Arrested after Weed & Paraphernalia Found in Home & Patrol Car

Weed, bong found in police chief's patrol vehicle and home, report states

Lipscomb Police Chief Arrested after Weed & Paraphernalia Found in Home & Patrol Car
Brian Scott Martin

Some of the biggest hypocrite professions start with the letter “P”. For example you have politician, pastor, and police officer. Each one has varying degrees of hypocrisy. Like they say, “there’s level to this!” One thing that remains constant though is the bigger they are, the harder they “appear” to fall. (Note the quotations.) At a time where around the country the position of police chief is facing increasing scrutiny, Lipscomb Police Chief Brian Scott Martin has failed his city.

Martin has been arrested following the discovery of marijuana and a bong in his patrol car and home according to court records. Martin was taken into custody Friday on misdemeanor charges of second-degree marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) Lt. Jon Riley said the arrest followed a search at Martin’s home on Dove Drive in Odenville on July 27, 2018. reports that Martin was arrested by Odenville police and booked into the St. Clair County Jail. The Lipscomb police chief posted $1500 bail and was released shortly after.

According to court records made public Wednesday, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Major Crimes Unit, along with the agency’s Narcotics Unit, carried out the search warrant at Martin’s Odenville home. Once they made their way inside, they found Martin, 33-year-old Crystal Lynn Tindle of Pell City and a young boy. Tindle was detained while the agents conducted their search and than later arrested. Martin was transported to the Odenville Police Department to be interviewed. A search of the home turned up marijuana and a bong under the sink in the master bedroom.

A search of Martin’s vehicle turned up more weed and another bong. Both were found under the gun safe in the rear of the vehicle. They were found in an open unmarked evidence bag.

During the interview with the law enforcement agents, Martin initially denied knowledge of any illegal narcotics in the home. “Martin later recanted his statement, and said he was aware of the marijuana that was in the residence,” one of the agents wrote. “However, Martin denied any knowledge of the marijuana and drug paraphernalia recovered from his patrol vehicle.”

Lipscomb Mayor Brenda Renz released a prepared statement earlier this week:

“Lipscomb police Chief Brian Scott Martin has been placed on leave pending an investigation. The Council and I will make a statement after the investigation is complete.”