Judge Busted on Body Cam Telling Cop “I Want You to Shoot Him”

Judge Busted on Body Cam Telling Cop "I Want You to Shoot Him"
Judge Caught On Body Cam Video Telling Officer To Shoot Suspect.

It’s not just bad police plaguing our communities but self righteous, above-the-law magistrates and prosecutors continue to ensure that justice remains for “just-us”. How can anyone expect people whose rights have been trampled on by this system to trust in this system? It is in fact a perfect example of insanity. Well the insanity has reached a new level with reports that a district judge told an officer to shoot a suspect. In his words… “I want you to shoot him.”

Judge Busted on Body Cam Telling Cop "I Want You to Shoot Him"
George Justice Allen

A video posted to Facebook by George Justice Allen, aka Bounty Hunter, shows Magisterial District Judge Thomas Caulfield telling a Forest Hills cop to shoot him. Allen is known for outing and exposing “racism on every level”. Recently Bounty Hunter exposed Arnold Mayor Karen Peconi for her post that Antwon Rose protesters should be sprayed with water cannons. After hundreds of protestors petitioned Peconi to resign at a city council meeting, she offered up an apology in place of her resignation. Allen is also the person responsible for exposing a racist comment from an Allegheny Health Network employee in early July.

“I’m not responsible for firing anyone, that is the company’s decision. What I’m merely doing is presenting their ideas to their employer and that’s it . . . You will never see me address any company and say “so are you going to fire this person for these thoughts?”

In Allen’s latest run in with “white fright”, he had been asked to leave the Caulfield’s courtroom several times. Officer Heck of the Forest Hills Police Department asked the judge what should be done about Allen. At the time Heck was wearing his body camera and it was on.

Heck: “I want to see how you want to proceed in this event in the future.”

Caulfield: “I want you to shoot him.”

Heck: “Hey, in my world, if you are in a private residence, it’s easy. You’ll convey that he’s to leave. He’s not welcome here. He’s not here on business. And then we actually communicate it. That usually doesn’t happen, but it usually starts to move in that defiant thing, the defiant section of criminal trespass. That’s how I perceive it when it starts to become like this foolishness. I don’t know how you think of it here.”

Caulfield: “Shoot him.”

Judge Busted on Body Cam Telling Cop "I Want You to Shoot Him"
Magisterial District Judge Thomas Caulfield

In the video Caulfield tells Officer Heck TWICE to shoot Mr. Allen. After being exposed however, the judge began singing another tune. Caulfield issued an apology for his remarks in the video. He said:

“I apologize for making the statements in the video. I would like to acknowledge that the statements I made in the video were inappropriate. It was certainly not my intention for these statements to be taken seriously and I deeply regret any harm that this has caused.”

It wasn’t the judge’s intentions for his comments to be splayed all over social media is the actual contention. Had it not been for the video Caulfield would not have had to answer for these comments. At this time no mention of a review is being conducted on the judge but quite frankly Caulfield crossed the line. He needs to be removed from the bench. The fact that he can tell an officer to shoot someone who does not pose a physical threat is a miscarriage of “just-us”.

Allen was able to obtain the body cam footage of the encounter through the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. The county doesn’t discipline the judges. That is left up to the Judiciary Conduct Board. The Allegheny County President Judge Jeffrey Manning has declined to comment on this matter.