Roswell Cops Busted Leaving 13-Year-Old to Freeze in Patrol Car

Video shows Roswell police leave 13-year-old in frozen car.

Roswell Cops Busted Leaving 13-Year-Old to Freeze in Patrol Car
Roswell police officers told the 13-year-old that they would not turn the heat on in the car where he was detained until he told them his mother's phone number.

Roswell police are once again under scrutiny following revelations that officers “froze” a teen in efforts to obtain his mother’s cell phone number. A video of the incident surfaced July 26 regarding the Roswell Police Department, this time showing officers intentionally “freezing out” a 13-year-old during one of the coldest nights of the year.

Roswell Cops Busted Leaving 13-Year-Old to Freeze in Patrol Car
Sgt. Dan Elzy

Sgt. Daniel Elzy has been identified as the officer in the video. Elzy was recently named Supervisor of the Year before the video was made public. After release of the video, Elzy was placed on administrative leave July 19 – over half a year after the incident.

North Fulton reports the incident occurred around 1 a.m. January. The teen was driving a golf cart near Alpharetta Highway. Police suspected that the golf cart was stolen and stopped the teen to inquire. When asked where he was headed, the teen replied he was on his way to Starbucks. The teen told the officers that he didn’t know that the golf cart was not allowed on the road. Police asked the teen for his mother and how to reach her. The teen allegedly responded vaguely.

Unsatisfied with his responses, Roswell cops handcuffed the teen and threw him in the back of the squad car while they figured out how to handle the situation. Sgt. Dan Elzy was the supervisor on the scene. Officers decided to keep the teen in the back of the unheated patrol vehicle until he answered their questions. Reports indicate that temperatures dropped to as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit that night.

“Getting cold yet?” Elzey asked the teenager in the video. “You’re going to hang tight right here, since you can’t remember mom’s phone number. And if I can make contact with mom, then we’ll get some heat going.”

An unidentified officer is captured on video saying Elzy was “freezing out” the teen. The windows in the cruiser were rolled down with the heat off the officer said.

Fortunately for the teen, he was returned to his mother with no charges filed.

This video is the latest in a series of gaffes by the Roswell Police Department. A video was released on July 12 showing two officers using a coin-flip app to determine the fate of a woman pulled over for speeding. The two officers involved, Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson, were placed on administrative leave and later fired July 26.

Less than a week later, another video surfaced showing a Roswell K-9 disobeying a handler’s orders and attacking a teenager who was sitting down with his hands up.

All three videos were released after 11Alive investigators allegedly received tips from Roswell officers who said they were concerned for the public’s safety.