Disabled Brockton Black Man Files Lawsuit Against City & Police over Malicious Prosecution

Parking officer calls one-legged black man the N-word as he tickets him for using a handicap space.

Disabled Brockton Black Man Files Lawsuit Against City & Police over Malicious Prosecution
Parking officer calls one-legged black man the N-word as he tickets him for using a handicap space.

Racism is alive and well in the city of Brockton. How many lawsuits against the city will it take for people to realize it? That is the question Phyllis Ellis, president of the Brockton Area Branch NAACP, is asking. Why? Simply put, a disabled black man was called the “N” word by a parking officer while being ticketed. The disabled black man, Sean Williamson, was ticketed for parking in a handicap parking spot. Before you ask, yes Williamson had the handicap placard in hand. He attempted to show that to the officer but was ignored. Williamson walks with the assistance of cane after losing his left leg but #ParkingLotPaul ignored the obvious. The situation deteriorated leaving Williamson behind bars.

Williamson is now suing the city of Brockton, parking control officer Jorge Delgado, Mayor Bill Carpenter, the former mayoral chief of staff Darren Duarte, Police Chief John Crowley and Detective Santiago Cirino. The federal lawsuit is alleging malicious prosecution, race-based discrimination, a conspiracy to deprive him of his constitutional rights, failure to intervene, and violation of due process rights.

Raw Story reports:

Williamson drove his pregnant wife and infant son to a medical appointment at the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center.

Williamson, who walks with the aid of a cane and artificial limb after his left leg was amputated, says he hung his disability parking placard from his review mirror.

When Delgado, Brockton’s parking control officer, began typing on a handheld device, Williamson got out of his vehicle to show his placard.

The lawsuit claims Delgado ignored the placard.

When Williamson asked why his state-issued placard was being ignored, Delgado allegedly called him a “n****r.”

The 38-page complaint filed last month states that Delgado falsely claimed to police the Williamson brandished a knife during the incident. Williamson was later arrested on charges of threatening to commit a crime and assault with a dangerous weapon. The contention that he had a knife was proven false with the help of surveillance video. A review of the surveillance video showed Williamson did not have a knife or any weapon at the time of the incident.

According to Enterprise News:

A review of surveillance camera video of the incident showed Williamson had no knife, but the case against him still went to trial in February this year, when the exculpatory video evidence suddenly disappeared from Brockton police custody, said an attorney representing the disabled man. Williamson, who has an amputated left leg, waived his right to a jury trial and a judge found him not guilty.

During the incident, bystanders reportedly happened upon the interaction. One of them was so taken aback by the officer’s actions he threatened to call the mayor’s office and report him. In typical oink fashion Delgado brushed off the imposition.

“Go right on ahead, I don’t give a f*ck,” Delgado allegedly replied.

“The Brockton Police Department should have cleared Mr. Williamson then and there, and saw to it that Mr. Delgado was fired from his city job for using a racial slur against Mr. Williamson, and lying,” said Daniel W. Rice, a Braintree-based attorney representing the plaintiff. “Brockton had Mr. Williamson arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for a serious crime its own police department’s investigation showed he didn’t commit. If this weren’t outrageous enough, Brockton continued to prosecute Mr. Williamson all the way until he was found ‘not guilty’ of the false charges at trial, even though it had somehow ‘lost’ the exculpatory videotape along the way.”

Outrageously, Delgado is still employed by the city of Brockton. The officer used a derogatory term when speaking to the disabled black man, continued to ticket him in spite, AND falsely claimed that the amputee was brandishing a knife… but he is STILL on the job. Outrageous!

“Apparently, a parking control officer can call a man a ‘n****r’ while he is on duty, make up a ridiculous false cover story about why he called him a ‘n****r’ and get away with it,” said Ellis“According to the lawsuit, Carpenter, Duarte and Crowley did absolutely nothing about this blatant racism by a city worker when given the opportunity to do so,” she continued. “This is very disturbing, if true. Even when evidence was shown, backed up by other police officers, eye witnesses and even a videotape, nothing was done on behalf of Sean Williamson.”

The city’s mayor declined to comment on the fiasco using the usual excuse, that he can’t comment on ongoing litigation.

“Brockton’s conduct in this matter, therefore, includes the condonation of racism, and a malicious prosecution made even more malicious by its destruction of exculpatory evidence,” Rice said in a statement. “That Brockton’s illegal acts were aimed at convicting Mr. Williamson of a crime, for which he would surely have been incarcerated and had his reputation ruined, is shameful and conscience-shocking.”

The NAACP president concluded, “racism is alive and well in the City of Brockton. How many lawsuits against the city will it take for us to realize it?”