12-Year-Old Congolese Girl Brutally Beaten in Texas by Patriot; Now in Need of Heart Transplant

12-Year-Old Congolese Girl Brutally Beaten in Texas by Patriot Now in Need of Heart Transplant
12-year-old victim, Terry King II

A red-blooded-patriot is facing a first-degree felony charge of injury to a child following his April attack. Terry Wayne King II, 35, brutally beat a 12-year-old Congolese girl on April 19 leaving her in need of a heart transplant.

Face 2 Face reports that King walked up to the Congolese girl while she was on her way to school. He allegedly asked the girl for assistance. As she was about to help him King grabbed her and started choking her. The attack happened about 7 a.m. April 19 near Calmont Avenue and Laredo Drive in West Fort Worth. A bus driver called police to report that the girl had gotten on the bus bleeding and was unresponsive.

Police don’t have a motive for the attack, and there was no known connection between King and the girl, Detective Pat Hinz said.

Dallas News reports:

“King, who works as a truck driver, lived in the neighborhood where the girl was assaulted but moved away shortly after the attack, police said.

He was identified after another detective came to the case with “fresh eyes” and noticed that King was a suspect in another assault case, Hinz said. That report tied him to a vehicle, which helped authorities find him in Oklahoma City.”

“We don’t have a motive; that’s our concern,” Hinz said. “But there was nothing better than to call the dad and let him know that we got this guy. He was very grateful and very appreciative of the work that we did.”

The girl, whose name has not been released is under the guidance of her father, Twizere Buhinga. She currently awaits a new heart for a heart transplant.

“The man who tried to kill my little girl, they have him now,” Buhinga proclaimed during a press conference at the Fort Worth’s police training center on July 18.

“A bad guy came to my daughter and attacked her,” “He touched my daughter and said he needed help. My daughter said she was going to school and what help do you need. He caught her by the arm and dragged her down to the ground and choked her,” recalled Buhinga.