Half Breed-Hating Patriot Arrested, Charged W/ Hate Crime After Idaho McDonald’s Incident

North Idaho man hurls racial slurs, profanity at teenagers getting ice cream at McDonald's

Half Breed-Hating Patriot Arrested, Charged W/ Hate Crime After Idaho Mcdonald's Incident

Apparently even a half breed can’t catch a break when it comes to the bigotry of the American caucasoid. It’s hard enough walking the fine line of both worlds as a mixed child. You didn’t ask to be born that way. You didn’t petition the Boss Baby Delivery Service to give you “progressive” parents that don’t see color. Can you just live your life? Seemingly, not in Idaho.

A true American patriot and Trump-supporting blowhard, Richard Sovenski, has been arrested and booked into Kootenai County Jail for not letting some mixed race kids live their life. The 52-year-old Idaho man was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony malicious harassment. All of this stemming from an incident at a North Idaho McDonald’s on July 12.

According to the Inlander:

A group of high schoolers from a Spokane youth group traveled to Coeur d’Alene last Thursday to hear a guest preacher. Afterward, the group’s leader, Jose Ceniceros, took them out for ice cream at McDonald’s.

As the group was getting ready to leave Sovenski started hurling racial slurs and profanity at them, Ceniceros says. A woman, who was standing with Sovenski, later told police that the kids were “being rude, dancing and running around causing a disturbance.”

The youth group’s leader, Ceniceros, rejects the assertion that the kids were running around and creating a disturbance. According to him, the half breed kids were doing nothing wrong. They had just left a church service and were feeling moved about the grace of God. In fact, as the youth group left McDonald’s, it was Sovenski who created a disturbance by striking the group leader and throwing him to the ground. Ceniceros picked himself up and walked outside. Once he was through the door, he took out his phone and began recording Sovenski’s meltdown.

The cell phone video shows the “red-blooded-patriot” yelling at the youth group. As he hurls a number of obscenities with a gratuitous amount of F-bombs, another “patriot” cuffs his balls in his American flag shorts.

Such disrespect to the flag should be punishable by law right?

“Why don’t you get a f-kin’ job,” Sovenski yells. For good measure Sovenski even calls the leader a faggot and half breed. He orders the group to leave Idaho and stay out of Idaho.

Supposedly, Idaho has become a no-fly-zone.

McDonald’s employees allegedly called police about the incident but Sovenski had fled the scene by the time police arrived. He was picked up five days later and charged with a hate crime.

“The kids couldn’t really believe it,” Cenicero says about the incident. “Five minutes earlier we were in church.”