Sanford Cop on Leave After ‘Takedown Maneuver’ on Handcuffed Man at The Barn

Sanford Cop on Leave After 'Takedown Maneuver' on Handcuffed Man at The Barn
Sanford police officer on leave for 'takedown maneuver' on man in handcuffs.

A Sanford cop is on administrative leave following a takedown maneuver on a man who was already handcuffed at The Barn. The cop, Adam Johnson, is now under investigation by Internal Affairs following the Tuesday incident.

Body cam video shows a Sanford cop radio to other officers that he needs help with a man reportedly on a table punching an air conditioning unit. Police tried to arrest the man but other people interfered according to the video. As police walk out with several people in handcuffs, a handcuffed Morrell Byrd turn to an officer and yell obscenities. According to authorities Byrd than elbows an officer but witness accounts deny it happened.

“All aspects of the incident, including the events before, during and after are currently being reviewed in order to determine if any violations of police occurred,” Chief Cecil Smith said in a statement.

Smith said he has been in touch with Byrd’s mother.

Sanford police thanked people on social media for posting video and photos of the incident, which led to the investigation.

Chief Cecil Smith said the atmosphere in The Barn at the time was hectic.

Police have been to the popular but problematic bar several times over the years. In 2016, a performer was shot multiple times in the parking lot of The Barn moments after getting off the stage. In 2015, Sanford police said they had been called to The Barn more than 700 times in the previous 18 months.

One of the 2015 incidents was a fight in which a man was seen on surveillance video slamming another person to the concrete ground.