Subway Sally Calls the Cops on Black Family Over Stolen Soda & Full Bladders

Georgia Subway employee calls cops on black family for frequent bathroom trips.

Subway Sally Calls the Cops on Black Family Over Stolen Soda
A Subway employee called the police on the Dobson family, claiming they were behaving suspiciously. (Photo: Felicia Chambers Dobson via Facebook)

You heard of #PermitPatty, #LawncutLibby, #DepressedDebbie, #BarbecueBecky and a host of others. The newest addition to the racial royal rumble is #SubwaySally. As if there weren’t enough white women in the news calling cops on negros, black people had to introduce another and give her center stage. In comes Sally from Subway. Granted her name really isn’t Sally but hashtagging these women with alliteration seems to be a thing. I suppose it’s viral-ready and friendly.

Subway Sally Calls the Cops on Black Family Over Stolen Soda
Dobson family — family provided photo

Well according to news reports, Sally called police because she was really feeling some kind of way about a black family that decided to stop in for something to eat. Felicia and Othniel Dobson of North Carolina on Monday had stopped for dinner at a Subway in Newnan with their four children, ages 8 to 19, when the restaurant employee called police. In the 911 call, the employee said there are “eight people in a van” who were going back forth to the bathroom and possibly putting soda in water cups.

Raw Story reports:

After sitting in the sandwich shop for about an hour, the family were accosted by police because an employee — who was not named — had made a call to complain about them, saying she thought she was going to be robbed.

The family said that they were returning from their grandmother’s birthday party in South Georgia over the weekend, when the incident occurred on Monday night.

“I have a 24-year-old sister who’s a recent graduate of North Carolina A&T (State University). My daughter’s 19. She’s entering sophomore year at Wake Forest University,” Felicia Dobson said.

Subway Sally reportedly told the 911 operator, “I need somebody to come through here please, ASAP. Now. There’s about eight people in a van, and they’ve been in the store for about an hour. They keep going back and forth to the bathrooms by my back door.”

Fortunately things didn’t go sideways considering all the things that could go wrong with calling the police on black people. According to Felicia, the officer apologized to the family after speaking with them — and the family was able to go on their way, but not before stating that they feel the employee should be fired.

“I don’t think she ever felt threatened,” Felicia Dobson added. “We can’t change our skin color. I have great kids. I have a great family.”

In a statement, the store’s owner, Rosh Pate, said, “I take this very seriously, and I am fully investigating. I have also used this opportunity to reiterate to my staff the importance of making everyone feel welcome.”