SWAT Called on Georgia Cop for the 2nd Time in 2 Months

Georgia Cop Has Swat Called on Him for the 2nd Time in 2 Months
Corey Sasser, 41

A Georgia cop was locked in a standoff with SWAT for the second time in as many months. 41-year-old Corey Sasser, was holed up in his Brunswick, Ga. home after being involved in a fatal shooting in neighboring McIntosh County.

According to News4Jax partners at iHeart Media, Sasser was involved in a shooting on Thursday in McIntosh County, before leading officers to his home in the Hunter’s Point community, off route 341 in Brunswick.

Scott Ryfun, senior vice president of programming at WGIG, shared photos with News4Jax showing Glynn County SWAT officers along with a search and recovery vehicle.

It is unclear at this point how the standoff ended. News4Jax is working to confirm if anyone was killed in either McIntosh or Glynn counties.

Neighbors shared what they heard when the shooting occurred.

“I noticed the shots didn’t sound like a regular gun to me. Being a hunter that I am, they more sounded like tear gas… but anyway. Lots of commotion- lot of things going on out here,” said Harley Rich.

Glynn County police will be holding a joint news conference with the sheriff’s office in McIntosh County, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to update what has happened.

Corey Sasser, 41, was released on bond just last month, after investigators say he went to his estranged wife’s home, tried to kick down her door and threatened to kill her. That standoff ended in a wooded area off of a highway 99. He was captured and taken to a hospital. The lieutenant was charged with charged with Simple Battery and Criminal Trespass, both under the Family Violence Act.

“This is a difficult time for the Police Department, as it is not an easy task to have to arrest one of your own.” said Chief Powell at the time. He said “However, at a minimum, Police Officers must be held to the same standard as everyone else.”
Brunswick News reports Sasser was supposed to be living with his sister in Alabama. He was also receiving treatment for PTSD.