Candidate for County Sheriff Indicted on Felony Stalking Charges

Candidate for County Sheriff Indicted on Felony Stalking Charges
Captain Jason Reid, Son of Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid

A Catawba County Sheriff’s Deputy has been indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges of stalking and more after his ex-girlfriend reported the cop’s obsession. Captain Jason Reid, son of Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid is accused of installing a tracking device in the women’s car. That tracking device was provided by the narcotics division which the captain is the supervisor.

Local media outlets are reporting that a months-long investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations was made into the allegations brought forth by the female acquaintance. The woman claimed that Reid installed a tracking device in her car.

Reid just so happens to be the son of the current sheriff, Coy Reid. The son ran for the job himself this past spring and is sticking to the campaign despite the recent allegations. In his eyes, the recent accusations were merely a political ploy to get him out of the race…. against his father???

“This entire situation is a political attack,” said Reid before the election.

The alleged stalking allegations involve Reid placing a tracking device in his ex-girlfriend’s car and sending her several text messages of the different places she travelled to. This obviously spooked the woman and she filed a complaint of harassment and stalking on by the captain.

According to Reid, he is the one who ended the relationship but it is the woman who continues to dip into his bank account and patrol the street in front of his home following the break up. The woman even showed up to his place of work and parked herself in the area where the narcotics division devices were regularly kept.

What department keeps their equipment in an area accessible to the public?

The SBI exacted a search warrant on the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office back in April. According to WSOCTV agents were searching for evidence of stalking, cyber-stalking, and of Reid “willfully failing to discharge the duties of his office.”

Court documents aso indicate that Reid sent texts to his ex-girlfriend’s new beau detailing locations he has been along with a picture of his car outside of restaurant while the couple was on date.

The star-struck-lover denies all accusations against him.