NYPD Busts One of Their ‘Finest’ for Cocaine Possession

‘Crooked’ NYPD cop busted for cocaine possession.

NYPD Busts One of Their 'Finest' for Cocaine Possession
Manhattan cop Johnny Diaz

Maybe we shouldn’t blame the police officers. They are only human. They are weak. They make mistakes. Yes they are the representation of the law, but no man is infallible. Maybe we should blame the cocaine for being so available. Shame on the drug for tempting the officer of the law. Too many officers are falling victim to the siren’s song. The latest and greatest to be seduced is NYPD’s Johnnie Diaz.

According to the New York Post, Diaz is already suspected of a “slew of crimes.” In spite of the heat on his head, Diaz admitted to a confidential informant that as a cop he should know better than to do what he is doing. That admission alone should guarantee the harshest of sentences reserved for deplorables to be doled out to Diaz.

NYPD Busts One of Their 'Finest' for Cocaine Possession
Johnnie Diaz pleads not guilty to one count of first-degree possession of a controlled substance.
The 23-year-veteran of the force was already under investigation when the admission of guilt occurred. Diaz was being probed by his brothers-in-blue “for allegedly offering to help crooks beat their raps in exchange for cash.” According to prosecutors, a trap was set for Diaz which he bought hook, line, and sinker. An undercover detective was assigned to track him and double as a drug dealer in Diaz’ patrol area.

The pretend dealer allowed himself to be arrested by Diaz on May 23rd when Diaz logged only $17,000 of the $18,000 in cash he confiscated. He then made a deal to return the “dealer’s” cell phone from the evidence locker and accepted a $250 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue scotch as a thank-you for the hook-up. Diaz then arranged to get rid of the informant’s pending cases for 20 grand.

The Post reports:

Diaz, a father of two, also later helped transport a kilo of cocaine from The Bronx to upper Manhattan for the informant June 15 in exchange for $4,000, authorities said. After moving the load, the two men partied at a lower Manhattan club, where Diaz made his damning admission, adding, “I could do life for this.”

Diaz was in court Monday and he pleaded not guilty to the charges. The NYPD’s finest was charged with one count of first-degree possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors did expect to add more charges in light of the other crimes Diaz committed “during his corrupt career in law enforcement, including stealing cash from defendants and accepting bribes to throw their criminal cases.”

Diaz’ attorney, Raymond Loving, said that the officer was not a flight risk with deep ties to the community he policed. Justice James Burke didn’t buy into it ordering Diaz held without bail in protective custody.

“As alleged in this case, this Officer was willing to traffic dangerous narcotics in the city he is sworn to protect for a few thousand dollars, and to steal evidence from his own precinct for a bottle of scotch,” said Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. in a statement.